Why the delays in obtaining medical appointments with longer

Regardless of the department where you live, the figures speak for themselves, the number of physicians, general practitioners and specialists practising in private practice is in a free fall. In ten years, the number of ENT was down 9 % general 8% and that of dermatologists of 7%. These are almost all the specialties that are affected by this phenomenon.

So there are more areas that are considered to be medical deserts, that is to say that the offer is largely insufficient compared to the needs of the population. As a result, you can have delays of several weeks or even several months in some specialities, before you get an appointment. The palm is up to the ophthalmologists that display on the entire territory with an average wait time of 109 days.

Young graduates prefer to be employed

The main reason for this situation somewhat disturbing, is that young graduates are turning more readily to positions of employees in health institutions (hospitals, clinics) to focus on employment security and working conditions comfortable.

Some municipalities do not hesitate to offer particularly favorable conditions for young doctors who want to install it on their common, but it is scattered initiatives and is not always sufficient. The liberal medicine suffers from a real deficit of interest and a lot of French people no longer have easy access to care close to home.

Check out the concierge medical

Another consequence of the decline in the number of doctors, the emergency services are no longer insured, especially since their operation was reviewed in 2002 to spend volunteering. But then, how do you do when you need to find a doctor on call or you wish to obtain a medical appointment without having to wait for a month ?

In order to answer this question appeared on the internet a new kind of service baptized concierge medical. Connect to the address to learn more and discover how to simplify your appointments, and more.

Operators are at your disposal and do their best to accomodate your needs. It’s a safe bet that this type of service should develop in the coming years to cope with the constantly declining numbers of practitioners in liberal.