Why is it necessary to install defibrillators in public places ?


It is now mandatory to equip the public places most frequented of defibrillators. The legislation and the numerous campaigns concerning the use of this type of device are intended to reduce the mortality rate still too high due to heart problems, the latter often in places open to the public.

It is still difficult to convince some people of the necessity of these measures, however, have a defibrillator on hand in case of a heart attack is very important.

Ease of use

If the witness of a heart attack is required by law to bring relief to the victim, few people know what the things to do for a cardiac massage. The defibrillator is the device to use in case of cardiac arrest, the most easy-to-use for an untrained person. In effect, it would simply have to start it after you set up the electrodes. For even more efficiency, the modern defibrillators are able to provide verbal witnesses, in their actions. Because of this, its use does not require the arrival of professional first responders, any person close to the victim can help him. However, the more a victim will receive help quickly, the more his chances of survival will be great.

Alarming statistics

Each year, 40,000 people die from cardiac arrest in France. Gold, 5 000 of them could be saved by the mere presence of a defibrillator nearby. Thus it seems essential to install defibrillators in public places. However, the defibrillation is applied in the first instants after the crisis, and that the device is sufficiently powerful.

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A device not very expensive

The economic argument referred to by some not to be fitted with defibrillators is not valid for the simple fact that the device is relatively affordable. The price should not be an obstacle to its acquisition. In addition, many models are available from a number of professionals. A wide range that fits all budgets from models fully automatic to semi-automatic, with the ideal being an automatic model. It is also possible to rent this type of device with these professionals.

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