When to wash pinkie, you need your girlfriend…

Quand pour un lavage auriculaire, tu as besoin de ta copine…

When a young man of 25 years presents to the emergency room for an ear infection, you say… another one ?

Good in real life, a swimmer’s can hurt and when your doctor can not receive you or that it is Sunday, where to go ? I do not want more than that, I don’t know what… How ?

Ah so then he tells me that he knows what he’s a. Either. But still ? It has a cap… But ? In fact, he tells me that he plugs in repetition. So potentially, it will hurt if nothing is done.

But if you knew why did nothing ? Right there, you know that I asked him… And he tells me that usually, it is his girlfriend who takes a pear lavem… a pear atrial (I see you coming) and that does it for him.

Except that now, he was dumped so he no longer has his girlfriend to help him so he comes to the emergency room. Qed.