What is Validation ?

Validation is a method of verbal and non-verbal communication. In particular, for the old and confused people, the one about the Cognitive impulses is not (any longer). In the case of the Validation of the emotional content and the associated behaviour of the confused people will be taken seriously and validated (validated) to analyze, assess, or correct.

The Validation was supported by the social worker and actress Naomi Feil from the USA to Europe. She developed this care technique, from several different psychological and psychotherapeutic models.

Validation means appreciation, and it is:

  • A method for communicating with demented / confused people about what nurses “access” to the client / care receivers can develop.
  • A certain Form to respond to the individual comment on a dementia / confused people.
  • A basic attitude for the daily “work” and the General dealing with demented people.

What is Validation ?

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