What is the meaning of “guardianship”?

Guardianship (Cura) is not an Instrument of the German legal system, which was created to order for a specific need of one or more persons of natural persons (legal entity / carrier with rights and obligations) a legal representative / Advisor who can act on behalf of the needy, if this is even in the position to represent its interests.

All of the Guardianships in pursuit of a welfare character of the legal institution, which is to ensure that all the rights of the needy can be perceived by a “nurse” (). A supervisor / carer of a guardianship is gesetellt court.

The curatorship is basically in the German Civil law book (BGB) § § 1909 et seq. and the act on the procedure in family matters and in matters of voluntary Jurisdiction (FamFG). does not offer legal advice, therefore, the note that described here and referred to information is not always correct and / or can be. Who’s about for more information is warmly invited to this via comment or eMail.

Martin Röder, care blogger