What is the allele that is expressed in the heterozygous individual?

What is the allele that is expressed in the heterozygous individual?

Key terms

Term Meaning
Dominant allele Allele that is phenotypically expressed over another allele
Recessive allele Allele that is only expressed in absence of a dominant allele
Homozygous Having two identical alleles for a particular gene
Heterozygous Having two different alleles for a particular gene

Which is a heterozygous genotype for a given trait?

Individuals who are heterozygous for a trait are referred to as heterozygotes. See homozygous. Homozygous also refers to a genotype consisting of two identical alleles of a gene for a particular trait. An individual may be homozygous dominant (AA) or homozygous recessive (aa).

What does it mean if someone is heterozygous for a gene?

Heterozygous refers to having inherited different forms of a particular gene from each parent. A heterozygous genotype stands in contrast to a homozygous genotype, where an individual inherits identical forms of a particular gene from each parent.

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What is it called when one gene overshadows another?

Epistasis. When one gene overshadows another. incomplete dominance. When the heterozygous genotype results in a phenotype where the two alleles are blended together.

What are the actual alleles you inherit?

These different versions of a gene are known as alleles. Alleles for different genes assort independently during meiosis. The alleles an individual inherits make up the individual’s genotype. The individual may be homozygous (two of the same alleles) or heterozygous (two different alleles).

When both alleles are expressed this is called?

​Codominance Codominance is a relationship between two versions of a gene. In codominance, however, neither allele is recessive and the phenotypes of both alleles are expressed.

What is the maximum number of alleles an individual can have for a gene?


Why crossing over does not occur in multiple alleles?

In the multiple alleles, alleles are present in the same locus of the homologous chromosome. The crossing over does not occurs among the alleles of the same locus.No crossing over occurs among the multiple alleles, since the alleles are present in the same locus.

How does crossing over increase variation in genes?

Explain how crossing over in meiosis results in genetic variation. In crossing over, genetic information is exchanged between homologous chromosomes. This exchange creates new combinations of genes, leading to increased genetic variation in the offspring. Both alleles are for the dominant trait.