What is PointClickCare?

What is PointClickCare?

PointClickCare is the leading cloud-based healthcare software provider to North America’s long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior care industry.

How can you access the PointClickCare Help Center?

  1. T +1 905 858 8885.
  2. TF Toll free Number +1 800 277 5889.
  3. F +1 905 858 2248.

How do I reset my PointClickCare password?


  1. In the upper right corner of the PointClickCare page, click your name and a list appears. Click Edit Profile.
  2. In the My Profile Settings pop-up, click Change Password.
  3. In the Password Change pop-up, type your Old Password and then your New Password twice.
  4. Click Save.

How much does PointClickCare cost?

Medium Establishments can expect to pay between $50 and $210 a month for long term care software. For example, DayCenta cost price starts from $199 per month, IQI Intuition pricing goes for $50 per user monthly, and ElderSuite pricing falls around $190 per user/per month.

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Where is PointClickCare located?


Who owns PointClickCare?

Mike Wessinger

Is PointClickCare a public company?

This is PointClickCare Corp.’s initial public offering. We are offering common shares. We expect the initial public offering price to be between US$ and US$ per share. Currently, no public market exists for our common shares.

What is UDA in point Click care?

Computerizes all your facility’s worksheets, surveys, and assessments with User-Defined Assessments (UDA). By computerizing your assessments, you can improve standardization of terminology and technique throughout your facility.

What is a UDA assessment?

User-Defined Assessment Tool (UDAT) ADL’s User-Defined Assessment Tool (UDAT) allows your facility to design and build assessment forms that accommodate your very specific needs. Completed UDAT forms automatically update the Resident’s records and are saved in a document library which become part of the Resident’s EMR.

What is a user defined assessment?

A User Defined Assessment consists of questions compiled together under various headings to create questionnaires that may be completed within the software. Examples include an initial assessment of a resident prior to the first MDS, a skin audit, a wound assessment, and safety device usage.

What does UDA stand for?

Ulster Defence Association

What is a UDA in medical terms?

UDA – User Defined Assessments.

How many did the UVF kill?

Thirty-three people were killed and almost 300 injured. It was the deadliest attack of the Troubles. There are various credible allegations that elements of the British security forces colluded with the UVF in the bombings.

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Who is Mr A Shankill Butchers?

First to go of the Shankill Butchers was Lenny Murphy, shot dead by the Provisional IRA. He was an aggressive psychopath who loved the limelight as much as he did killing and torturing innocents. He was at the apex of the gang, followed by a man whom I referred to as Mr A in my book on the Butchers.

How many British soldiers were killed in the Troubles?

Organisation Total Killings Catholic
UVF 396 (11%) 265
British Army 299 (9%) 258
(unknown loyalist) 212 (6%) 212
UFF 149 (4%) 132

Did UVF fight in ww1?

World War I Many UVF men enlisted in the British Army, mostly with the 36th (Ulster) Division of the ‘New Army’. Others joined Irish regiments of the United Kingdom’s 10th and 16th (Irish) Divisions.

When was the UVF founded?


Does England still rule Ireland?

British rule in Ireland began with the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169. Most of Ireland gained independence from Britain following the Anglo-Irish War and became a fully independent republic following the passage of the Republic of Ireland Act in 1949.

How many Irish did the English kill?

The combination of warfare, famine and plague caused a huge mortality among the Irish population. William Petty estimated (in the 1655–56 Down Survey) that the death toll of the wars in Ireland since 1641 was over 618,000 people, or about 40% of the country’s pre-war population.

Did Germany invade Ireland?

The Nazis allocated 50,000 German troops for the invasion of Ireland. An initial force of about 4,000 crack troops, including engineers, motorised infantry, commando and panzer units, was to depart France from the Breton ports of L’orient, Saint-Nazaire and Nantes in the initial phase of the invasion.

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What is Black Irish look?

“Black Irish” was used to describe someone with blue-black hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. This phenotype was used as an example of what can happen when populations breed in isolation (like, on islands). Usually, dark hair goes with dark eyes and skin.

Why didnt Ireland fight in ww2?

Ireland wanted to maintain a public stance of neutrality and refused to close the German and Japanese embassies. Unlike many other non-combatant states, Ireland did not declare war on the near-defeated Germany, and therefore did not seize any German assets.

Why did Germany Bomb Ireland?

There were suggestions that the bombing was a revenge attack for the role of the Dublin and Dundalk fire brigades in going to Belfast to help fight the fires there following the German bombing of the city a month earlier. Lord Haw Haw had denounced, on German radio, the role of the southern fire brigades in Belfast.

Is there an Irish royal family?

Since April 1949, the only part of the island of Ireland that has retained a monarchical system is Northern Ireland (as part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

What does Eire 80 mean?

or flown over

Did Ireland Fuel U boats?

Exports, mainly food supplies for Great Britain, were delivered. 521 lives were saved. Many British ships were repaired in Irish shipyards. Despite being frequently encountered as rumours, no U-boats ever used Ireland as a refuelling base.