What is osteoporosis ?

In the last weeks, the care blogger blog with the 3 most common age-related changes of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis and Arthritis). To the completion of the trilogy “age-related changes in the musculoskeletal system”, today the third part: The osteoporosis.

What happens in osteoporosis ?

The removal process of the bone is faster and stronger than normal. The bones lose strength and break more easily when pressure and shock. It comes to an increased decalcification of the bones. The progression of this disease can lead to various bone fractures and Breaking of individual vertebrae of the spine. Osteoporosis is the sense of “gehöhlter bone”.

Possible causes of osteoporosis ?

  • Most common cause of osteoporosis is a deficiency of the female sex hormone “Estrogen” (for example, after menopause) in women, in men there is a lack of sex hormone “testosterone”.
  • Osteoporosis can also occur as a result of lack of exercise, and malignant tumors, metabolic diseases (for example, increased formation of cortisol, parathyroid hormone, or thyroid hormones). as a result of reduced intake of calcium and Vitamin D from the intestine and decreased formation of Vitamin D in the kidneys.

Possible signs of osteoporosis ?

Often hardly any discomfort be felt, until it comes to a relatively harmless bone fracture at the femoral neck or the Vertebrae. A Strong back may occur pain.

What is the osteoporosis ?

The disease can be slowed can be rich by means of a Calcium food is not necessarily cured, but the break down of the bones, it is also important an important Vitamin-D intake of the patient. Also, hormone preparations, special Osteoporosis exercises and a lot of movement in the fresh air can help.

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