What is a passing grade at Wake Tech?

What is a passing grade at Wake Tech?


Grade Explanation
P Passing
F Failing
W Withdrawal (prior to 60%)
WF Withdrawal – Failing (after 60%)

What GPA does Wake Tech require?


Are Wake Tech classes hard?

Online classes are hard. It takes a lot of self-discipline to manage your own agenda to ensure you turn in all your work on time. Put aside 2-3 hours a week bare minimum per class for homework, probably much more depending on the class (I do not have anything too hard yet).

How old do you have to be to go to Wake Tech?

18 years old

Can high school students take classes at Wake Tech?

Wake County Public School System is proud to partner with Wake Tech Community College in giving high school students the opportunity to take college classes for free while still enrolled in high school. Students are only alowed to receive high school credit for 1-2 classes a semester.

Which type of Internet connection is best for connecting to online courses?

Wi-Fi connection

Does Blackboard have after hours support?

Blackboard support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blackboard support is available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you need assistance, please send a detailed email to [email protected] or call the Help Desk at 312-341-HELP – 312-341-4357.

Why can I not login to Blackboard?

Important: If you are unable to log in to Blackboard this could be for one of the following reasons: The username or password has been typed incorrectly. [Please check you are typing the correct username and password. Your account has not been created in Blackboard yet.

Which browsers can access Blackboard courses?

Blackboard Learn supports these primary browsers:

  • Firefox from Mozilla: Windows and Mac.
  • Safari from Apple: Mac only.
  • Microsoft Edge from Microsoft: Windows 10 only.

What is the best Internet browser for Blackboard?

Another great browser for Blackboard is Microsoft Edge. This browser comes with Windows 10, but it’s also available on macOS, Android, and iOS devices. The latest version of Edge is based on the Chromium engine, and it fully works with Chrome extensions.

What browser should you not use with Blackboard?

Google Chrome versions 42+, Mozilla Firefox versions 52+, and Microsoft Edge don’t support NPAPI-type plug-ins, including Java plug-ins and many media browser plug-ins. Blackboard doesn’t support these browsers for using embedded media types that require third-party NPAPI plug-ins for viewing. 3.

Why is blackboard not working on Chrome?

Common Browser Issues – Blackboard Student Support Make sure that cookies from third parties are allowed. Third party cookies are allowed by default on all supported browsers. If you experience problems staying logged in to Blackboard, please check your browser settings to make sure you allow third party cookies.