What is a care plan for elderly?

What is a care plan for elderly?

A care plan states what type of support is needed to meet your private care needs. It is personal to you and it should take into consideration what’s important to you as well as your own preferences.

Why is it important to confirm an Individualised care plan?

An individualised plan for a person with support needs must be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects their current circumstances and needs. If their health or abilities improve, the person may no longer require the services they are receiving or some support activities may no longer meet their needs.

How do you provide Individualised support?

Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Determine support needs. 1.1 Interpret and clarify own role in implementing individualised plan and seek appropriate support for aspects outside scope of own knowledge, skills or job role.
  2. Provide support services.
  3. Monitor support activities.
  4. Complete reporting and documentation.

How do you provide support services to clients?


  1. Establish a working relationship with clients to assist them to identify their needs.
  2. Support clients to meet their needs.
  3. Promote preventative strategies.
  4. Review work with clients.
  5. Use self-protection strategies as required.
  6. Refer clients.
  7. Provide specialist services to clients.
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What are support services in healthcare?

Support Services is a vital field in health care, and careers in this area help provide a welcoming and safe environment for patients and the public. The Support Services pathway encompasses both technical and professional careers. Examples of Support Services careers include: Pharmacy aides. Patient representatives.

What is the role of support services in aged care?

Support services can: Help to maintain the independence, health and wellbeing of the person you care for. social and other activities. Complement or supplement the help that family or friends offer.