What does it mean that the genetic code is redundant?

What does it mean that the genetic code is redundant?

Redundancy in the genetic code means that most amino acids are specified by more than one mRNA codon. Tryptophan is unique because it is the only amino acid specified by a single codon. The remaining 19 amino acids are specified by between two and six codons each.

What does it mean when we say the genetic code is redundant quizlet?

The genetic code is redundant (more than one codon may specify a particular amino acid) but not ambiguous; no codon specifies more than one amino acid.

Is the genetic code Commaless?

The genetic code is commaless, which means that no codon is reserved for punctuations. It means that after one amino acid is coded, the second amino acid will be automatically, coded by the next three letters and that no letters are wasted as the punctuation marks (Fig.

What are the main features of genetic code?

Characteristics of the Genetic Code

  • The genetic code is universal. All known living organisms use the same genetic code.
  • The genetic code is unambiguous. Each codon codes for just one amino acid (or start or stop).
  • The genetic code is redundant. Most amino acids are encoded by more than one codon.

Which amino acid does not show degeneracy?

Amino acid leucine is encoded by 6 codons; UUA, UUG, CUU, CUC, CUA and CUG, thus it shows degeneracy but is not encoded by codons given in the question which makes option A wrong. Methionine is the exception to code degeneracy as it is encoded by single codon “AUG” which makes option B wrong.

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