What cellular process is responsible for cell differentiation?

What cellular process is responsible for cell differentiation?

Cellular differentiation is often controlled by cell signaling. Many of the signal molecules that convey information from cell to cell during the control of cellular differentiation are called growth factors.

What happens when cells differentiate and become specialized?

Cell differentiation is how generic embryonic cells become specialized cells. This occurs through a process called gene expression. During cell differentiation, the cell size and shape changes dramatically, as does its ability to respond to signaling molecules.

Why is it important to have specialized cells?

Cell specialization allows new cells to develop into a range of different tissues, all of which work together to make living organisms function as a whole. The process of cell specialization – exactly how cells develop into their diverse forms – is complex

Why are specialized cells dependent on other specialized cells?

7. All specialized cells are dependent on other specialized cells. Each group needs the other groups of specialized cells, as they all work together doing different jobs. All together the specialized cells run different parts of the organism, and they all work together in different ways.

What specialized cells are in the circulatory system?

Red blood cells are the specialized cells in the circulatory system. Another name for red blood cells is erythrocytes. There is around 5 million red blood cells in one droplet of blood. White blood cells make up 2% but help fight off infections & diseases.

Which organism is most specialized?

Answer Expert Verified The most specialized organism is the GRIZZLY BEAR. Specialized animals refers to those animals, which have different types of cells in their body which carry out different types of functions

Why do many plants have specialized cells that produce colorful flowers?

Why do many plants have specialized cells that produce colorful flowers? During feeding, they can inject a toxin that slows plant growth.

What is a vascular plant apex?

Answer: The plants that have vascular tissues to transport water and food between the plant parts are called as vascular plants. Explanation: The xylem and phloem are the vascular tissues. Xylem serves to carry water and minerals from roots to other plant parts

How does xylem differ from phloem Brainly?

Xylem transports water and solutes from the roots to the leaves, phloem transports food from the leaves to the rest of the plant