What are the requirements to get into SLU?

What are the requirements to get into SLU?

To be considered for admission, you must be graduating from high school, have an acceptable HiSET exam score or take the General Education Development (GED) test.

What SAT score is required for SLU?

There’s no absolute SAT requirement at Saint Louis University, but they really want to see at least a 1180 to have a chance at being considered.

How do I sign up for SLU 1818?

Use the “Inquiry Application” near the bottom for your 1818 application.

  1. Step 2: Complete Your Profile.
  2. Step 3: Create Your 1818 Academic History.
  3. Step 4: Enter Your Family/Contact Information.
  4. Step 5: 1818 Courses.
  5. Step 6: Submit Your Application.
  6. Step 1: Log into Your SLU Portal.
  7. Step 2: 1818 Registration.

How do I transfer credits to SLU?

An official evaluation of transfer credit will be performed upon submission of official transcripts and admission to SLU. You may transfer an unlimited number of credits to Saint Louis University. To be considered eligible for transferability, the grade received in the course must be at least a ”C” or better.

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Does SLU accept dual credit?

The program is available to institutions regionally, nationally and internationally. SLU is committed to upholding state requirements for dual credit.

Does SLU accept community college credits?

Community college credits: We welcome up to 64 transfer credit hours from community colleges. Coursework taken at a two-year institution that may be applied toward your intended major will be evaluated by the appropriate program director for transferable credit.

Can I transfer to SLU?

At Saint Louis University, we welcome transfer students and the diversity of intellectual experiences they bring to our campus. And because you may have different questions than traditional first-year students, we offer specialized programs and services to help you explore your options and transition to SLU.

Does SLU require SAT?

SLU Makes Standardized Testing Optional for Admission to Most Programs. For students applying for the fall 2021 semester, SLU will not require ACT or SAT scores for freshman or transfer applicants, and will not require the GRE or GMAT for most graduate programs.

What AP credits does SLU accept?

Saint Louis University

Exam Name Min Score Required Equivalent course
Sort examTitle ascending Sort minScore Sort courseEquivalent
AP Calculus AB 4 MATH 1510
AP Calculus BC 4 MATH 1510, 1520
AP Chemistry 5 CHEM 1110, 1115, 1120, 1125