What are the requirements to get into csub?

What are the requirements to get into csub?

Meet a minimum of 60 CSUB transferable semester units or 90 quarter units. Have a minimum 2.0 grade point average….Your Future Awaits!

  • Are a high school graduate.
  • Complete the required (a-g) college prep courses with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Meet the SAT/ACT eligibility index with your grade point average.

Does csub require SAT 2020?

California State University-Bakersfield requires that you either take the SAT or ACT.

Is csub test optional?

The SAT or ACT is optional, but recommended by the school to improve your application chances. You might be able to get admitted with through your GPA or class ranking alone. Only specific departments at the school require the SAT or ACT.

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How do I transfer to csub?

Have completed a minimum of 60 transferable semester or 90 quarter units. Have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher in all transferable units attempted (non-residents of California must have a minimum GPA of 2.40). Be in good standing at the last college or university attended.

How do I transfer to Csusb?

Transfer Application Requirements

  1. Minimum GPA: San Bernardino has a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for transfer admission.
  2. Official Transcripts: The submission of official transcripts from all previously attended postsecondary institutions is required.
  3. SAT Scores:
  4. Application Fee:

How do I send my transcripts to a community college from a CSU?

CSU Application (Transfer student applicants only)

  1. You or your school can email an official transcript as a PDF to [email protected]
  2. You or your school can mail your official transcript to Colorado State University, Office of Admissions, 1062 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins CO 80523-1062.

Are transcripts due with applications?

Test scores, letters of recommendation and transcripts can arrive shortly after the application deadline, but your application will not be reviewed until it is complete. Your school can mail your official transcripts or have them submitted electronically.

Do I need to send my transcripts to Cal States?

All campuses require submission of a final high school transcript showing date of graduation. In the absence of final high school transcripts, which indicate the date of graduation, offers of admission, schedules of classes, financial aid awards, and/or housing contracts may be subject to cancellation.

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Can you submit an application without a transcript?

If you aren’t able to get your transcript before you need to submit your application to a required college for a deadline, that’s okay. Your application will not be penalized and the college will still get your official transcript from your counselor.

Do colleges care when you submit application?

Most colleges, though, will document when the student submitted the application – date and even the time. Be aware that they will know if you submitted the application at 11:59 pm on the deadline. It is fairly common for the last hour or so before a deadline to be the busiest.

Can recommenders see your application?

No, your recommenders can’t see the status of your application or your admission results.

Can I submit my application before my recommendations?

You can submit your application when ready, even if your recommenders have not completed and submitted letters of recommendation for you yet. Be sure to add the requests to your applications before you submit. That way when your recommenders complete the recommendations, the colleges will have access to them.

Can I see my recommendation letters?

Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), you are guaranteed the right of access to the contents of any evaluation letter you request from a recommender unless you specifically waive that right.

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Should you share recommendation letters?

No. No. The writer will assume you are saying, “I don’t trust you.” You may or may not get a copy of the letter, but you won’t get the letter you would have gotten otherwise from many, many profs. Just accept the letter is something you will never see and don’t need to see.

Is it rude to ask to see a letter of recommendation?

You can ask, but it is unusual for a student to ask to see their confidential recommendation letter, and the person who wrote the letter is under no obligation to show you the contents of their letter.

Is it bad to ask the same person for a letter of recommendation?

Normally, you should choose the two people who know you best and can write you the strongest letters, and ask each of them to send one letter to each program to which you are applying. But there’s no need to get letters from more different people purely for the variety.

How many letters of rec should I ask for?

Colleges often ask for two or three recommendation letters from people who know you well. These letters should be written by someone who can describe your skills, accomplishments and personality.