What are the benefits of being in the Macaulay Honors College?

What are the benefits of being in the Macaulay Honors College?

About the Program

  • Full-tuition scholarships for New York State residents*
  • A free state-of-the-art Macintosh laptop computer.
  • Ability to apply for a grant from an exclusive Macaulay fund to pursue global study and other experiential learning experiences.
  • Special interdisciplinary seminars using NYC as resource and text.

Does Macaulay Honors pay for housing?

The Macaulay program offers free tuition, a free laptop, private housing, interdisciplinary seminar courses, personal advisers, and a network of internship opportunities. While all these perks can offer a great educational experience, it is only available to those who have the grades.

How prestigious is Macaulay Honors College?

College News Macaulay has held this top rating since 2016. In the 2018 rankings, the college is among just seven schools to achieve a 5 out of 5 designation, and one of just two honors programs in the Northeast to have received this top rating.

How does the Macaulay Honors program work?

Macaulay Honors students receive a uniquely broad, interdisciplinary undergraduate experience that’s customized for their interests and abilities. They earn a degree conferred jointly by Macaulay and their home campus.

What is the deadline for Macaulay Honors?

December 8th

What are the requirements for Macaulay Honors?

Macaulay students must complete thirty (30) hours of community service before the senior year. At least ten (10) hours must be completed within the first year. (Some campuses require more hours). Macaulay students must adhere to the Honors Integrity Pledge at all times.

Is it hard to get into Macaulay Honors College?

Macaulay Honors College, City University of New York (CUNY) All of these campuses are located in New York City! CUNY is pretty selective—the university’s acceptance rate is about 48%. Macaulay itself is also competitive, offering just 520 seats to incoming students across all eight campuses each year.

What GPA is required for Macaulay Honors College?

3.5 GPA

Are honors programs worth it?

If your goal is extracting as much learning as you can during college, yes, honors courses are well worth it. If you just want to have the best GPA possible given the limitations of your brain, than, no, take the easiest curriculum that will get you the job you want.

Who can apply to Macaulay?

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility for Macaulay First college experience: We accept applications from first-time college students (incoming Freshmen). We do not accept transfer students, or anyone who has attended classes at a post-secondary institution after high school, whether or not any credit was granted.

What is the Macaulay Honors Program?

The Macaulay Honors College provides outstanding educational opportunities for academically gifted students from the five boroughs of New York City and beyond.

What are the Macaulay essays?

Critical and Historical Essays: Contributed to the Edinburgh Review (1843) is a collection of articles by Thomas Babington Macaulay, later Lord Macaulay. They have been acclaimed for their readability, but criticized for their inflexible attachment to the attitudes of the Whig school of history.

How do you know if you got into Macaulay Honors?

Visit your CUNYfirst Student Center for updates regarding your application status. Once you are logged in, on the left hand side under “CUNYfirst Menu” click ‘Student Center’ Scroll down to the ‘Admissions’ section and click ‘View Details’

How do you write Macaulay Honors essay?

Writing a perfect Macaulay Honors College essay

  1. Be prepared to tell readers a great story that characterizes you in a specific way;
  2. Conduct your research to determine the moral values and principles appreciated by this college;
  3. Make a detailed outline of your future application essay;
  4. Proofread everything carefully;

Can you apply to Macaulay as a sophomore?

Yes, in order to remain in good standing, Macaulay students must achieve a 3.3 GPA at the end of freshman year; from sophomore year until graduation, they must maintain a 3.5 GPA. To be full-time in Macaulay, students must enroll in at least 15 credits of course work per semester.

Can I apply to both Macaulay Honors and regular CUNY?

Q: How many CUNY schools can I apply to? A: CUNY will allow you to apply to a maximum of 6 schools. If applying to Macaulay, you can rank two for Macaulay and four for regular. You should be sure to list the schools in preference order – similar to how you ranked for Major Selection!

What SAT score is required for Macaulay Honors?

The Macaulay Honors College accepted students who have an average math and reading SAT score of 1,406 and high-school averages of 93.5 – a record for the college.

How many Macaulay Honors students are there?

1,609 (2011)