Vitamin D and osteoporosis

Vitamin D und OsteoporoseVitamin D is a collective name for different vitamins. It is added to a part of the food, to the other part of the body produces it itself. It is involved in bone metabolism, and this Vitamin prevents D the development of osteoporosis. (What is osteoporosis?)

Part of the human Vitamin D via food. In the Form of D2, it is in plants, where it is synthesized, unless they are ultra-exposed to ultraviolet light. Vitamin D3 is of animal food, for example fish, eggs, and milk. Vitamin D3, the human body can restore itself. However, this can only be achieved if there is sufficient UV-B radiation reaches the skin.

Both forms of Vitamin D, the body stores in the liver, where it converts it into an active Form. At the same time, the fat and the muscle tissue are excellent Vitamin D storage. The active Vitamin D is required for bone metabolism of the minerals Calcium and phosphorus can be absorbed from food in the gut. Calcium is the most important substance for the curing of the bone responsible. He decides, among other things, about the bone density.

In the case of older people, particularly women, play a variety of factors in the degradation of bone density is a role. Among other things, it is the decreased production of the hormone Estrogen, but also other degradation processes contribute to the formation of porous bone. This is referred to as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a dreaded disease, since it leads to an increase in Falls and bone fractures. Doctors see a connection between the Vitamin D supply and the development of osteoporosis. They prescribe Vitamin D for this reason, often as a preventive measure.

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Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that Vitamin D is also important for the immune system. Furthermore, a sufficient Vitamin is supposed to protect-D content in the blood against various diseases, such as Diabetes mellitus or hypertension,. The risk for the development of cancer could be reduced by adequate Vitamin D supplementation.

Critics doubt, however, that the preventive Vitamin D administration reduces the risk for the development of osteoporosis, especially since an Overdose can be as harmful as a deficiency of Vitamin D. excessive levels of Vitamin D, the bones in Combination with is extracted from the in the parathyroid gland formed by parathyroid hormone Calcium. This, in turn, can lead to the softening of the bones. It is also possible that the attaches to the bone extracted Calcium in the kidneys. In the consequence of kidney stones and other kidney diseases may arise.

The lump-sum administration of Vitamin D products should therefore be contentious. Individually dosed prevention, however, will be useful.

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