Top of the objects found in your rectum

Want and if you started the year laughing a good shot ? At work, we told the other times of our crazy adventures that we had during our work. Oddly enough, it is when I was in the er that I had more stories to tell. So naturally, the blow to the object stuck in an intimate place, it is all fallen over.

I also think of our friends radiographers who need a good laugh sometimes and I am sure that they make bets between themselves or in small games when they have to make a radio unusual.

Because yes, a lot of people like to give themselves a certain pleasure that they are not. Recognize, however, the object tortious stuck between the buttocks, but the response is the classic : “I fell down the buttocks to the rear and there... “. Yeah yeah ! Go a few radios found here.

Of course, the aim of the game is to guess the unusual object !

Radio gaga