The skin – a multi-talent

The skin (lat. Cutis / Greek. Derma) surrounds our body as a protective shell. It has a surface area of approximately 1.6 to 2 square meters. The skin has 5 important and practical tasks:

  1. Protection: The skin protects us from injury, UV rays, water and heat loss and against pathogens as well as viruses.
  2. Sensory perception: The skin has different types of sensation receptors. Heat and cold, touch (sense of touch and pressure sensation), pain, strain, and Vibration.
  3. Temperature regulation: The skin contributes to the maintenance of constant body temperature. Through perspiration and increased or decreased skin blood flow.
  4. Excretion: sweat, sebum (skin and hair supple to hold) fragrance substances and Degradation products
  5. Storage: skin stores lipids and water.