The nursing and social networks

Les infirmiers et les réseaux sociaux

Even if I’ve already talked about it before and written an article in a newspaper about social networks, it’s necessary to go back a little on it, a prick of reminder ?

Social networks at work

In fact, it all starts to work. At this time, the chiefs are on the teeth because of the social networks. It has the right notes of service or a service meeting. While starting a private group on Facebook where certain things are said… Beware of these groups ! They may be privately owned, but some members of this group will not hesitate to make “screens ” and show them to your frames. I am not in this group, I am not necessarily an adept of hiding in a pseudo-group to spit or insult on anyone. But I’m not a fan of the denunciation that may remind them of a certain time.

Or even Twitter. There is, it is hidden by a nickname yet. Some time ago I made a tweet ironic without quoting anyone or place and yet… I got wind of the tweet to work two days after by the wrath of a framework. Hmm weird, it looks like my tweet but they say that the person and/or place has been cited, which is absolutely false. But let’s move on… exposure on social networks is too dangerous now, even when you don cites person or tweets ” fun” . People take too many things seriously sometimes…

But that said the code of ethics ?

But the ethics in all this ? And well yes ! We have a code of ethics, which appeared a year ago just ! A good day so to speak. And in this code, an article speaks of the use of pseudonyms that can make you jump.

If you read well, and I remind you, therefore, article R. 4312-50 remind you that those who give themselves the title of nurses on the social networks no longer need to resort to nicknames and, therefore, must use their real identity… So if you want to intervene as a nurse, like you know when even your job and you want to defend, you have to do it under your true identity. It zaps the essence of the social network that allows you to use a pseudonym. I’m not gonna me on Twitter, for example ! But I’ve never seen a nurse(s)from red cannon balls on their hospital, on its head by quoting it, on the behalf of a patient, etc… It is to avoid this that the code of ethics has eggs in it. They are checking you at work, they will take over your word is now in you.

Les infirmiers et les réseaux sociaux

Already that speech is difficult in this work, that there are no spaces, words, social networks were regarded as a binding. Like many other people in fact. And if you read well, it will be necessary to explain to us what they mean by ” acting in a private capacity” . No sorry, this is not necessarily very clear.

Use social networks but do well

Finally, we are still happy to finally have a code of ethics. Even if you can finally think that this article is intended to prevent some of advertise or claim to be a nurse, but not truly (and we met actually on the network), do the same to make sure.

And even if it is very French of bitching and above all, it is a trait of our profession of bitching (ask yourself why), don’t write anything on your accounts ! Even under a pseudonym. And if you are not in the critical or other, change of business.