the number of cancer patients, the need for special centers

With the number of cancer patients, the need for special centres is increasing

Around half a Million people in Germany each year, the diagnosis of cancer. The number of people Affected is increasing, although it is already now the second most common cause of death in Germany. According to estimates by the WHO (world health organization) it will not, however, remain in the gloomy forecast. New calculations suggest that the number of cancer cases by 2030, doubled. This development not only provides requirements for improved chances of Survival and recovery, but also to individually tailored and decent care of the patient.

The quality of the cancer therapy increases the chance of a cure

The treatment of malignant tumors requires long-standing experience and the close cooperation of various specialists. Thus, this treatment can be guaranteed, there are now in Germany about 1200 of the German cancer society certified and mostly organ-based specialist centres.

To the to specific disease-oriented treatment centers, high demands are made. So a number of certain operations, for surgeons, for example, is prescribed or weekly interdisciplinary tumor conferences. The therapy decisions for patients of several Doctors of various specialties, and so an individual treatment strategy. Only professional motivations of the respective medical specialists not play a role, but also the wishes of the patient. The important because the therapy choices include a wide-ranging field of diagnostics, therapy and aftercare.

Patients who want to increase their chance of a cure, find the certified centres of the German cancer society: or on the independent comparison portal:

Therapy is not all, also the care is vital

Regardless of how big the chances of a cure in each case: in addition to the therapy, the care plays a large role. There is a difference, whether the recovery in the four-bed room of a city takes place in hospital or in a 1:1 support as the Federal care-wide service HUMANIS The possibilities are different, and the feeling of well-being of the patient.

If so, the possibility of a professional care service that can take over in case of need, also with partners, the palliative care, to avoid, for sure a good way. No changing sisters, a close relationship of trust and the consideration of individual daily routines and wishes are secured. Can’t afford a hospital, not only because of the personnel situation, unfortunately.

Family care: Familiar and good, but without a break it’s not

You have opted for a care within the family, it is very beautiful. However, cancer is only a burden for the individuals Concerned, but also for the Care are not diseases. Regular time outs are for this reason very important. A health insurance-funded opportunity, the prevention care ), which can be time-staggered in the Form of short-term offered care ( of HUMANIS.

“Because the health Care is in the process of recovery or monitoring is very important.”, Adriano Pierobon, managing Director of Morgan Stanley says. “The family carers need to have time to recover from the physical and emotional challenges of this task. In addition, it should not be, in turn, that the sometimes difficult health care need to the needy thought for the health of the Care. The diagnosis of cancer and, often, the side effects of your therapy is burden enough.“

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by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General