the label of The patient

Ah we are going to move away a little the shirts of the patients to talk about the labels of the patients. Very useful to follow a good traceability of the patient, identify the patient and track the reviews, the label brings together all of the identification information of the patient. On that, I have nothing to say. So why talk about it ? Well, actually, I talk about it but not for what you believe in. I speak of it to other things that the shirt of the patient, which leaves her ass in the air but put a small drop in the daily work of the nurse, which increases every moment.

What label are you ?

Ah yes, the nurse is there to treat and discuss with the patient. Yes but in the past few years, the nurse of the administrative and company, that we have to trace and see in a computer, it neglects the relationship to the patient’s bed to fill the folders, make appointments, and etc etc etc, One wonders even if they do not suppress to administrative positions so that we were more head plunged into the paperwork.

Since a few days it was a new toy in the nurses ‘ station that nobody really knows what it is. It is a very small printer. Looking more closely, I can see the blank labels on the inside. After a few days of negative responses, I asked the it guy at the hospital who happened to be passing by. My answer was to print the labels of the patients. Ah… But ok but.. Oh ok. What you need to know is that you could ask for sheets of labels for one patient each week to the new admissions who handles this.

What will happen is that we will have more of pads of labels because apparently there have been some concerns, especially at the level of the external laboratory that manages our blood tests, the numbers of labels that do not match the patient. (Yes, a patient comes in and has a number, if it comes out two-three days, it will have a new number. So if you send a balance sheet with the first issue, there’s a little problem…) The argument can take. But, therefore, more labels , and it is up to us to print when we use it. Ah ok… What was funny is when the specialist has reported to me that we will not be able to print 7 labels of the same patient to the next but it will be necessary to click each time. “Label – Patient – Validate – Printmultiplied by 7. Ouch the lost time. Especially when you will have to do our blood tests in the morning, already that it takes a speeder to do them before they have their meal, as the courier will hand in the lab, etc… But if I take the average of the service, I would say 7 assessments to be carried out in the morning with an average of 3 tubes per patient (some up to 7 tube(s), the 7 patients with 3 tubes either 21 labels to print by making 21 times the handling… For some this is nothing but for us, it is time lost, yet. So we take the job of administrative admissions for it to be done to their place. Yet.

Some would say I’m grumpy on this one, that this is not “death,” and that I’m exaggerating… It’s that I am complaining, especially as we nurse and nurse have more stain and administrative care… I just talk to you, it is a task that will waste your time but we have others behind that had to be added. I prefer, frankly, to talk about the concern that has been patient with him that make me le to print 21 labels, with computers that are slow…

In my care service, we do more than just care or give medications or take constants or talking with the patient, no.. It fulfils its folder, it rating our actions, we check our actions, we make our written communications, we check the mail, one checks the consultations, we control the transport, we check the schedule for the next day, we called to get an appointment, answer the phone on any domain, call the worker to repair something that we have not managed to fix it (yes the time we get there, there is also a plumber/electrician/carpenter to our lost hours) etc etc Takes, this is what was my mom who was a medical secretary a few years ago and now retired.

At the rate we’re going, we became the first secretary. I have nothing against it but to each his work, I am sure that some of the unemployed would be glad to have this job, and we, too, would be eased for the care of the patient at his bedside. And where my comment is very clear it is to hear a lot of colleague, especially the ” old “say once a week in râlant” I am not secretary brothel !

That’s all, once again I have nothing against secretaries (quite the contrary) but I think it’s a shame to see thatwe spend less time at the bedside… I can understand spending some time to populate the folders and even next to our acts, but it still has things that one could delegate to others. But if, in addition, it removes these spots (in this example, the labels) to the pass on to do, it comes out more.

Future more interesting debate for us, and if we were talking about the next time of the establishment of the id bracelets of patients, for or against ? (Useful for a good follow-up, traceability and do not get the wrong patient, but judging as a mark of disrespect to usher in the patient, such as livestock or worse a reminder of the deportation with the number tattooed on the arm…)

Kiss when even, signed, old grumpy pricks.