The joys of childbirth

Ah it was finally a good two weeks since I had posted articles on my small blog. As I told you in my last article, my wife had to give birth from one moment to another therefore I could not be present here. 15 days have now passed since the little nurse is born. I took the opportunity to make a small return to experience !

The birth of extreme

What you need to know is that my little piece is not pointing to the hour or rather by the due date. The story I’m going to tell you is going to be… the maternity of the hospital Foch de Suresnes. Yeah, I balance !

Arrived on Wednesday 19/09, all is well, it is nice and warm, come back in two days. Okay, no stress, but we would have liked to see this little ! 9 months expected. Friday 21/09, same player shoot again ! Always warm, cervix not open, monitoring ok. We made a small session of ultrasound for the fun of it. In fact, what I mean by this is that we had 3 echoes ! Think well, my little lady, the internal is the first, ok. He returned a few minutes later to report that the figures are not printed, and that, therefore, it is necessary to start again. Note the presence of a medical student will learn to manipulate the beast to see the insides of people. We care, we love and then at the same time, we learned to use the echo ? Except that a few minutes later, it is the external that will make a third echo to verify that the house has done its job. Okay, we laugh. But this can hardly help but ask the question : “But is there a problem to check 3 times ? “.

We went back to the house later to return finally on Sunday 23/09 at 9 o’clock, but this time, he had to take the suitcase (At the same time, it’s been 4 days that she is in the trunk the suitcase !). Direction, therefore, the emergency gynae where one has an appointment and let’s start this beautiful day… Little world, the staff present in sufficient numbers for a Sunday, smiling and caring. First consultation… Still nothing ! It is 4 days and nothing of nothing, the cervix remains closed, the stopper still present and the bag of waters is not broken. The brothel, it is not rendering.. well, we’ll trigger my little lady…

So we met at about 10 o’clock the buffer fills hormones, and company to open the cervix and trigger contractions which will eventually very quickly… The work begins now, ladies and gentlemen ! Except for the collar. Dirt. To 12 h, it was well dilated, but only to 3… Patience is a virtue, we say that we are going to stay long hours here. Suddenly, the contractions become frankly violent for her and painful. His sciatic nerve gets stuck and this will do her more harm than these contractions, at each movement, she pressed on his nerve and the violent is this. 14H still to 3, severe pain, the doctor, midwife, internal and company are there with us. We know all the talent in the house saying nothing and not hanging for a word to be patient because glue the heels of his senior, who alone is entitled to speak. (I love this magical moment). The senior when to him, in his nonchallance that we can know will happen, will look at the monitoring, look at the patient when she will cry out of pain… It fell on that ? Then after 10 minutes, change of face, takes his head of humanity, and crouched to put himself at the level of the face of my wife and talk to her gently and reassures her… Finally there is of this type.

To make it short, the monitoring left up a dirty path, which suggest that the baby was put into suffering. The decision for a caesarean section has then been discussed, that it was a 50-50, a vaginal delivery than a cesarean delivery. For the moment place the epidural. The anesthesiologists come in the room, I told him ” it’s okay, I understood, I release the room, the time to do the epidural” . What I love in fact, it is that, being a little in the trade, we are told, and we nodded thinking, “but I know all that, I understand…” Yes but still, to us it’s so nice to hear these kind of explanations, even if one is familiar with the procedures. We also finally, we need to be reassured with explanation. So even if you know, listen. You will see, it reassures.

15H, and the epidural worked right away, as my wife says ” What is this that it’s good for you ! One is immediately relieved, it is ending up on a little cloud” . Cervix still at 3. BROTHEL ! Good we will continue to monitor but we are likely to go to the block at this rate. 16 h, nothing, the baby will be a little better, also thanks to the epidural, but does not stabilize for as much, going from 130 puls 65 every 5 minutes. The midwife decides to break the bag of waters. The liquid flows and in my memories, this was when even more transparent and clear than that, right ? You me be surprised, the baby is in pain, I remind you, so the baby is dropped into the pocket and the fluid is full of meconium… Not top any of that.

What was to come came to pass, at 17h we announce the caesarean section. Not the choice. Disappointment for us parents, my wife continually seeking to ensure that I attend but the staff does well in mine that this will not be possible. The doctor would be in order, but that the decision belonged to the anaesthetist. I answer then that, then this is fucked up, this will not be possible, rare that we accept a dad on an emergency caesarean section, medical safety requires…

But it will go really quickly. The item positive to the Foch hospital, it is because these are new buildings and they are well thought out to move a ward to a block and then to a recovery room in not passing a door every time. Therefore, 17h out of the room of birth to accompany him to the block and hence, it is very very fast. I barely have the time to send sms to warn the family, I sat down at the side of the block than at 17h13 a cry is heard…

Here I know immediately that it is my son. It was when even this decline to say ” but it’s only been 10 minutes where I left my wife, there are other births planned ? “Not because that I have not said, is that in the afternoon it was that the only parents and the only birth planned. Which is pretty cool in made. But because of this I’ve had a hard time realizing that it was already the time when my son had pointed the tip of his nose. But I do not know you dad’s (and moms), but even if it is not physically there and you hear the cry, you know that it is your child with that odd sensation that runs through your body…

The midwife quickly out of the block with the child and will cry out : “DADDY ! Or are you ? Go get dad ” I smiled and found it pleasant. I have therefore come to the minute 1 of my sons and we did the first steps with the steps (50cm to 3.650 kg), and I saw for the first time my child… After the care, he was taken to see his mother who was still on the table, and then I put her in my arms and I waited as mom kind of the block. However, even if the team was super nice, apparently they do practically not the skin-to-skin contact, especially with the father. Will I of the the ask ? I don’t know, I thought that they would have done it… afterwards, we went to the recovery room which is next door and there the three of us, we watched for the first time…

The small goes well, the mother also. She’s crying, of joy. And also (finally, I hope… ;p)

PS : Thank you to the staff present on that day, I admire your work. Full of emotion for you each and every day must you invade ! We will come back for the 2nd, it was entitled to a loyalty card ?