The indignation of an IDEL…

L’indignation d’une IDEL…

Having regard to this testimony of a nurse liberal who has sent the following to the editors of’ and it must be said that one cannot remain insensitive in the face of what we discover.

A IDEL against the course of care

“Nurse liberal in the city centre of Marseille, I took care of a patient of eighty years, following a hospitalization for suspected stroke. This lady, a divorced mother of three children, who have never worked but the holder of the reversion pension from her ex-husband, is no longer satisfied social and this because she has never, during his life, had recourse to this type of service.

For the past two months, its social portfolio is being settled. Because of this, this person can not receive the care to which she may be entitled (medical specialists, purchase of medicines, physiotherapy, medical imaging….).

His doctor and I work without being paid since then. His bill amounts to 9.000 euros, following his hospitalization… The hospital regularly sends him letters urging this subject… For your information, this lady lives in conditions close to squalor, with his sons, not even having running water at home… It requires multiple interventions in the light of its pathology, but cannot afford it : “unknown file social security “, “human rights” not open ” ! And nobody seems to care about it !

To this day, the social worker of the CCAS have taken e the folder, not knowing at what date these rights will be granted.

Despite a context of accounting control of health spending, someone who does not “consume” is removed from the list of beneficiaries of health insurance. At the time of the extension of the rights of any person to the retirement, regardless of his background or his origin, what a paradox !

How not to be indignant in the face of this situation ? “

A nurse in anger

This is where all the sense of injustice cited by the nurse, that feeling where everything starts sometimes through, where simple things are difficult, where the administration acts without thinking, where one wonders where this will all end…