The chocolate rush

We, or at least most of us perceive chocolate as a very enjoyable and even a touch of tenderness has good intentions wane. Chocolate – A Symbol of the highest sense of pleasure to almost any time of the day. Chocolate makes you happy and addicted. At least it’s the same for many, can snacking crack a bar of chocolate, and hard to stop of this delicacy. This chocolate actually contains traces of substances which are stuck in drugs – Monoamine.

Usually, you eat chocolate when you are tired or stressed. But Why?

The included Monoamines entering the bloodstream, they can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and activate the nerve cells in the brain and act as a watch-maker. Monoamines are present in cocoa, but only in traces, i.e. very small quantities. To learn an actual noise, so our Mind is extremely lighten you would have to consume x tons of it. Nevertheless, it undergoes a small positive “noise” and receives almost an explosion of good mood and Motivation.

Chocolate can, in addition, also the blood pressure: recent studies have shown that 2 pieces of dark chocolate the blood pressure is measurably lower. By the Flavanol (due to the increased value of cocoa), are formed in the blood vessels of nitric oxide, which results in that the blood vessels are minimally dilated.

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Even if this is pretty much the only healthy property of chocolate, you should still eat in moderation and snacking. You could chocolate also healthy talk, for example, that cocoa is obtained from beans (beans = vegetables) and it contains sugar from sugar beets, because beets are supposed to be healthy… ?