The child needs a name!

Today a little message on the Twitter network about the work of reached me – this was called project by Claudia Groth.

Mrs. Groth is not only the initiator of this project, she is also a mother, which comes up for a good 7 years for the care of your own child, and advent. With your above-mentioned project she has taken on the task, information about relief opportunities for caring parents to provide. In addition to the information referred to the child care compass also serves as an exchange platform for parents and members to each other.

Thus, the valuable work of Claudia Groth is also in the future, a fixed stock and a constantly growing circle of Information for clarification arises, to now a kind of “umbrella organisation”. To be more precise: An Association for the support of caring parents. The objectives of this Association are clearly structured:

  • To support the Expansion of the information portal in children’s care compass and support
  • Increase public awareness of the special problems of dependent children and young people and their families
  • Collection of best practice examples for successful relief and support offers for “young families in care”
  • Evaluation and initiation of studies to the special life situation of patient, children and young people and their families
  • Networking of all the care and support of these families Involved
  • Cooperation with organisations and institutions with a similar purpose

So clear and realistic these goals are, to bring this not much, if there is no “Central” and name of the liable person. Therefore, the question arises: How will the name of this club ?

If you have any suggestions, so I ask you to publish this one here ( – The child needs a name) in the comments. I personally like the (already mentioned) name of “child care compass”, “Little feet” and “young families in care like” very good!

Addendum @ 12. March 2011: Inzwichen gives it a name, the Association is called “child care network”. Sören had investigated the club as a trainee – So here is a little insight into the activities: The child care network had a visitor