teaching English to nursing jobs, also the still!

Presence weekend in the framework of my studies, “vocational education for the health and care professions”. This week, it came out quite thick: the exam on Friday morning, then a weekend Seminar. My results of the last exams were not the way I wanted it. That’s why I learned extra much – and in the process displaced, which topic should be taught this weekend in the Seminar. This was clearly the best, because the title says it all: “English for Nurses “. My absolute shame topic. After nine years of school English, I don’t understand most of it, but get the mouth. A tip, if you want to Silence me: easy English talk to me.

Why English for nursing jobs?

So much to my inner resistance. Of course, the usefulness of English in nursing I called clear. In one of my article I reported that the increasing number of patients who do not speak English, leading to communication problems. The programme in “vocational education for health care professionals” provides the theme of the seminar “English for Nurses” but also for a completely different reason.

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English technical texts to care relevant topics

Each of the studies of scientific Work. Otherwise, there would be no study. For me, that means an extensive literature search, if the house must be created. Everything that I write, I need to prove with sources. It is engaged in the development of the nursing profession in Germany, you come quickly to the fact that other countries frequently engage in more nursing research. Care more research also means more literature, for example, studies. The least specialized texts are translated into German, and so I come across during my research mainly on English-language literature. So far, I use am went out of the way, and I have, based on German sources. To be a result of the Seminar “English for Nurses”.

Was Yes, of course: seminar language is English

I had just digested the exam, I sat now in the Seminary and I was only now aware that we would not, of course, learn on English English. My first thought: I’d rather go back. Fortunately, my Proud not only that I have problems when I speak English, but also want to not show weakness. I would have done if I would have gone. And so I stayed. Fortunately, the lecturer of the organization of “English for Nurses is trained” to get people like me into the boat.

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Fun and error include

I fought my way through these two days, my mistakes, learned a lot, and just had a lot of fun. Don’t you know, that Station is called the station, but ward? And station management is actually sister. As a test performance, we need to write to may a house work – of course in English and based on English-language sources. This will cost me a lot of nerves, but I’ve decided to use this as an opportunity and now my English start to improve knowledge. Because at some point I want to go for a time abroad, in the development assistance or in crisis areas, and, at the latest, then I have to deal with English for nursing jobs.

Photo: Katharina Voss