Tatie Danielle is dead


Zillah Chelton died at 93 years old. Known for his role of Tatie Danielle, she will be missed by a generation.

The grand-mother is dead ! So yes, just with this sentence I have shocked. But when we looked at the time of the movie, we all hated the grandmother railing, insulting, witch with his family, suffers pain from his ” nanny “… Remind you of this wonderful slap that she gave to Isabelle Nanty, mythical. Oh that we would not have grandmothers like this, some going even returned the day after the broadcast to go kiss their own grand-mother.

So why am I talking about Tatie Danielle ? Because I discovered it as a young man in 1990, that it makes us think unconsciously to some patients that we may have. The one that you clip to the buttocks when you’re not looking back, you mischievous looks when you go into her room, which presses constantly on the doorbell by not remembering why it does it, who asks you to pick up something that she probably did fall off, etc…

Yes but now, it looks softened, and given the excuse of dementia, we want to take care of her, pamper yourself when you will see, we smiled when the spades (yes then there… eh, good.). There is always so much to these people who use the alarm every day, every hour…

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So yes, Tatie Danielle is dead today. Interpreted by Zillah Chelton , who was born still on June 21, 1919, it will still be well-lived. She died in Brussels at 93 years old, a year to the day after her husband, James Christmas. She was an actress for television, theater and film.

Did you know ?

She was a professor of dramatic art and to the most famous. In fact, she has been the professor of the band of the Splendid, Thierry Lhermitte… through this sweet woman, losing very early on her mother, she went to the Montessori school of Brussels where she made the acquaintance of philosophers, reading all the books in the attic and he found himself in front of her.

A temperamental artist

It is her mother she thought she had “inherited an artistic temperament”. She remembered as a nightmare of the first scene that she has passed in a course, but the chance had to start in the Mimodrames of Marcel Marceau.

So, yes, some lose patients (myself I lose each month, they are not forgotten. But then we lose a Tatie of a whole generation, then hi Tatie food and not the block of the dog up there.

The trailer for Tatie Danielle:

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