Taking of hostages at the Hospital North of Marseilles

Today, new shoot-out in Marseille. But it makes me think… did You know that there had been a hostage-taking of several members of the health care team at the hospital North of Marseille this summer ? Not ? This is normal, the matter was passed over in silence.

A hostage-taking ? What hostage crisis ?

Briefly, the facts occurred in the night of August 12 to 13, and a patient hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the leg has unsheathed a weapon, feeling threatened and took the staff hostage for a brief moment. No one has complained of, and necessarily, the State denies.

This hostage-taking, no one has talked about. It is the daily La Provence that opens the word and explains what happened that night. The young man, convinced to be always tracked down by his attackers is bring a gun. Towards two o’clock in the morning, he would have taken hostage and threatened the nurses present that night. According to professor Pascal Thomas : “It has erupted in the corridors of the service, a gun in his hand. He forbade anyone to enter or exit the unit, threatening to kill the first one who désobéirait or give the alert”. The police were quickly contacted, and they quickly mastered the individual. The most fun without a doubt and that he was then able to return to his home, his weapon has not been found.

Why is there no complaint ?

Surprisingly (or not), no complaint has been filed. According to the public assistance – Hospitals of Marseille (AP-HM) : “caregivers who have been victims of aggression have not complained because they did not want to give their identity for fear of reprisals” . You can comprendres but also to be rebellious vis-à-vis the administration and of the State which does not protect it any more than this. Saw that there were no complaints, no investigation or prosecution may be initiated.

But why the State is not talking about hostage taking ?

For the minister delegate for disabled People, Marie-Arlette Carlotti, he is a rogue who tried to enter illegally a weapon within the hospital, and threaten some personal which will, therefore, not further away, but that is still unacceptable. The director of the AP-HM has taken advantage of a visit of JEan-Marc Ayrault on 20 August in marseille to explain to him this problem. The statement is thus : “during this meeting, it was decided to update the convention between the forces of order and the hospital in order to better protect patients and staff in the hospital. The convention is ready and will be presented shortly” . The director of public safety of the Bouches-du-Rhone, Pierre-Marie Bourniquel, has also denied any “hostages” in mid-August.

So here it is, seen for the State this is not necessarily a hostage situation, we pass the matter in silence. At the same time, Marseille holds a picture of settlement of accounts since some time so if we could avoid a new story… And obviously, it is still the caregiver to silence. Before the insults, now to bladed weapons, and after the kalashnikovs ?