sweat glands – Why ?

Since we are already in the last weeks a couple of beautiful Warm days were, I have a right suitable theme repealed, which I already in March as a question I received: “What has the person sweat glands ?” this would be pretty annoying, since the separated liquid (sweat) for many of the unpleasant smells. In front of all the people who sweat a lot, be in schools easy-to-bullying victims, what would be a other topic.

First: What are sweat glands ?

As a sweat gland is a gland in the dermis (Korium), which is below the top of skin (Epidermis). As the Name suggests, produce the sweat glands are the all-too-familiar sweat, which is excreted through the pores in the head.

Useful and even vital to the welding for the Regulation of the Heat balance of the human body. In some regions of the body, the body does not have special sweat glands, which, for example, to the other sex stimulating scent substances.

To be precise, there are at least two different kinds of sweat glands: The ekkrinnen and the Apocrine. The eccrine (merokrinen) welding, a diameter of about 0.4 millimeters, have glands, and are surrounded by a relatively thick basal membrane. They are between the human skin and under skin. The distribution of these sweat glands are distributed over the body irregularly (2 to 4 million). As already described, is one of the core tasks of this sweat is the Regulation of the heat drüsenart budget, the more supple the skin, and the “species-appropriate” regulation of the pH-value. In the case of a malfunction of the kidneys, can accept the eccrine sweat glands, even a small part of the detoxification activity of the body.

The sweat consists of water and fatty acids from the urine substances such as nitrogen-containing substances and salt.

The apocrine sweat otherwise glands are known glands, also known as “fragrance”. These occur only in certain skin areas such as under the Achselhölen, the nipples, the genital area, and the perianal region (near the anus). Together with the sebaceous glands of the body are for the individual “body odor”. If you are suffering from over sweating and thus have above-average odor, a thorough cleaning below the arms and legs recommended daily. Also Breathable clothing can help to reduce the odor, by this comes about through targeted Luftzerkulation. In addition, dry” Deodorants are recommended “.

Without sweat glands, in some situations it would us pretty bad ?be