stay Young – three simple exercises for seniors

Jung bleiben – drei einfache Sportübungen für SeniorenTo be fit at his age, wish for many seniors. However, by the movement apparatus, we remain in the Golden years of life, so mobile possible, you have to do quite a bit for it. Many seniors already do this by Swimming a lot, Hiking, or Cycling. But that’s not all, what older people can do for your body and your physical well-being.

Here are three simple and uncomplicated exercises that you can perform in your own four walls. They are suitable especially for older people, and thus, in spite of the recovery for the body and the circulatory system, not to high physical exertion. However, it is recommended that such Exercises only in the presence of one caregiver, or family-run members.

Fit in the age – three simple Exercises

A wonderful sport utensil, which is also suitable for seniors, is a small trampoline. Under certain circumstances, this is also provided with mounts on which you can hold on to during Exercises. From the age of 50 years should be abandoned but be sure to Jump on this. Much better suited for seniors, easy to Swing, balance, and also have a Go on the soft and porous surfaces. By the Yielding of the material you will train namely gentle and soft manner, the force of the muscles and mobility of joints. And: 5 minutes per day is sufficient.

Also very important Exercises, which serve the mobility of the elderly, a gentle stretching and stretching exercises. Because this to prevent the shortening of muscles and Tendons and get as much of the flexibility of the body. However, it is important that you perform only Exercises where you can keep his strength and his balance. Wonderful for the arms stretching exercises are in which this could be kept stretched out from the body as long as possible, but up to a maximum of 60 seconds. It is better to repeat the Exercises 3 to 5 Times. The legs, however, this train that pulls them alternately as close as possible to the body, and then, as far as possible to the rear extends. These Exercises can also be wonderful and much easier in the Swim run.

The back is for many seniors a particularly difficult topic. This, too, but in a very mild and gentle way to train. For example, by the spine, alternately, as far as painlessly possible through stretches and then, as far as possible to the front of the bow. Also in this case, muscles and Tendons are stretched, which can, for example, relieve pain. In the case of severe back pain, or even diseases, this Exercise should be carried out only after consultation with a doctor or sports therapist.

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