“Social professions not everyone can” – Interview with Maja Schäfer from the Diakonie Bundesverband

„Soziale Berufe kann nicht jeder“ – Interview mit Maja Schäfer vom Diakonie BundesverbandIn addition to some spam input to land in my post also interesting Mails, which make me curious and a newsworthy topic. That was levy, for example, in Training and in the exhibition “health as a profession”. And now I have been dealing once again with a very nice written Mail. Maja Schäfer, main professional Advisor to youth communication in diaconal work has written to me and to the project “Social professions not made any”. The title of the project, showed me a piece, because it is not so long, since, for example, proposed by our labour Minister von der Leyen, that the (former) Schlecker employees should be trained to become geriatric nurses. This proposal was directly rejected by many pages – I think quite rightly. As a social profession, not everyone can exercise – and that’s exactly why I contacted Maja and a (written) asked for a short interview for this project. And nice way, she immediately said Yes.

Hi Maja, first of all, we want to know something about you. Who you are and how you came to the diaconal work in the field of youth communication?

Hi, first of all thanks for your interest, Marcel! So, I non-fiction author and journalist (studies and traineeship) and I specialized in the topic of a career and the life stage of growing up, cue the quarter life Crisis,. The Diakonie Bundesverband, I was actually in the diakonia.EN-online-editors ‘ advertised, but due to my qualifications I was asked whether I want the project management of the proposed project “SOCIAL PROFESSIONS can’t take on everyone”. Well, of course I had, it’s a great Job! I have a dear colleague, Claudine da Rocha, which is for the video production, because we work a lot with the moving image. And that’s the whole Team!

We come to our Interviews, namely the implementation of your project “Social professions not everyone can do that”. What can I imagine?

We are a Web 2.0 campaign and are committed to career guidance, fun, and more appreciation for the social and nursing professions. Our target group are young people in career orientation phase, but also young people who make a Social or nursing training or study in this area.

Our goals are to reduce: prejudice, knowledge gaps, information and offers for young people in bundles, fit for the application and career in our industry, to exchange on eye level to enable a Community to build young people of our industry a platform to make their concerns public. We operate a whole “universe” of online channels (see below) and, in addition, vocational guidance lessons in schools, trade shows, Social Media-Workshops for charities, etc.

Why and when did the project actually? Certainly long before the Schlecker employees should be retrained to be nurses, or? On the communication channels your sets?

The project has since the beginning of 2011, it is still supported until the end of 2013 (see Info below), and then we can hopefully find a way of further financing. The reason for the young – and the shortage of skilled workers in the social Professions, the hits, the Diakonie is very clear! The Federal Statistical office expects the Yes, for example, with 152 000 missing caregivers by 2025, the study Rauschenbach/Schilling with 78 500 lack of educators by 2019, and the diakonia country associations are now reporting of “holes” in the middle of the four-digit range. As just what had to be done, and fortunately, the Diakonie Bundesverband, has detected that the old-fashioned professional flyer, was advertised with so far, there is no more help. Instead, we have sites, now is a professional portal, a Blog and various Social Media channels, with over 65 Videos, 25 of the vocational tests, Street Art, Tool, training, Navigator, stock market, etc.:

  • „Soziale Berufe kann nicht jeder“ – Interview mit Maja Schäfer vom Diakonie
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You to speak specifically to young people. Also here in the Blog, I report again and again about the shortage of Young people in the care professions, and a standard question in my Interviews with people who work in the care, is: “How would you convince students to study and / or training in this area?” And now I’m curious on your statement.

We try not even to convince the young people, and certainly not with any of airbrushed advertising rates, but we let our trainees and students speak! They are the reports in our films, blog posts, etc. first-Hand from your everyday life. In the end it brings us nothing if young people with the wrong ideas end up in the social Professions, therefore, we rely on authentic Information. So I say: Dear young person, the social professions are tough. You give a lot physically, with a lot of heavy fates, working under time pressure, and you might still be stupid prejudices to listen to. BUT you’ll get the gratitude of your patients and clients, a profession, the meaning in your life, the respect of the society, understands more and more how important it is to the old nurse, educator & co., and more self-confidence, when you realize you think a lot more can than you: for example, with people with a disability work around, make others happy, or you from the main graduation training and College work-study to facility management or research. SOCIAL not everyone can PROFESSIONS. What is it with you? Will you take the challenge?

Dear Maja, thank you for your answers. I wish you much success and will watch the action.

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More Info for the sake of completeness:

The project “SOCIAL PROFESSIONS can not be promoted any”, in the framework of the programme “rückenwind – personnel development in the social economy” by the Federal Ministry of labour and social Affairs and the European social Fund. Supporters of the diaconal associations the Federal Association of Evangelical assistance to the disabled e. V., the German Protestant hospital Association e. V. and the German Protestant Association for old work and care e. V.