So many trials – an Overview

So viele Studien – ein ÜberblickIn the last few weeks I have published two articles on various studies here and here, and commented. In the daily Research, further studies are still me but noticed that I don’t want to contain you, and therefore, a Overview:

Health professionals are a burden on the well-being

Unfortunately, the result of a study that was created in the framework of a survey of the Austrian working health monitor is not sooo surprising to me: Working in nursing and similar Professions makes broken/ sick. Nine out of ten employees in the health and care of physical complaints, called the study found. A particularly negative impact on the nursing profession and in particular, the area of the Old are affected within this group and care of the disabled. And what symptoms lead the not-so-nice Ranking of the most common diseases? Do you want to guess? Properly, it back pain and tension. And the physical problems are not the Only one: During the entirety of the dependent has been continuously employed, or the health professions, 33 percent no psychological discomfort, this is only 24 percent of the elderly and the disabled, carers and 27 per cent of the nurses of the case.

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German fear of deterioration of the health system

The allensbach Institut für demoskopie, and the Federal chamber of medical doctors have carried out some 1,800 German citizens and more than 500 Physicians, a survey on the health care system. The results and, accordingly, the expectations of the people to the health care system in the future are rather gloomy. It may be a question as to whether it has published the negative as positive results, because the study was created for the financial services provider MLP, the lives, as we know, among other things, to sell private health insurance and supplementary insurance.

But back to the study and the Positive first: 72 percent of the population and 88 percent of Doctors are with the current supply satisfied. But whether this remains so in the future, many of the question. 79 percent expect an increase in cash contributions and a more stringent “Two-class medicine”, 78 per cent higher co-payments for drugs and 46 per cent of Doctors and 43 per cent of the population are sceptical as to whether it is the policy in the future will have a good supply for all of the patient.

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So viele Studien – ein Überblick

Living in old age

Finally, a somewhat older study by the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development. In the framework of the surveys on the study, “Housing for the elderly – market processes and housing political action is A result of the study need” is, among other things, that, so far, only 1 percent of the apartments are old built and equipped. It is, therefore, among other things, whether the apartment is not wheelchair accessible, so for example, the beautiful washing machine is much in the way and thus, there is a risk to Stumble. Or whether the levels are marked in the apartment is good enough or whether there are in the bathroom enough movement area.

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