Sörens journey begins!

Sörens Reise beginnt!From the morning, Soren begins his journey. Today we have picked Him a nice trip house, with which he is hitchhiking in the German Post at the time of its first Station in Aachen, Germany, more precisely in the case of care concept to arrive.

Sören and also Fr. Part of this work, are full of joy and actions. I hope and wish for Sören, as well as for all of my readers that you can gather as many (new) impressions and quasi-experience/! I think and know that the health and social services has a lot of interesting things in stock..

Anyone who is curious about the project “Hello, I’m Sören” would like to inform you that can) and the following letter read: Hello, I’m Sören – info letter (At this point a big thank you to Mrs boy of loud-marketing.

For a quick find of all Interesting Job reports and other information notice to you, quite simply, the following Short address: or visit the care blogger Facebook profile: In addition, each time can be tweeted. A private Twitter-day there are (still) not now #sören trip.

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