Sören would like to make a trip

Sören möchte einen Ausflug machenThere are here with me in the office is a animal called Sören, this is actually very funny, and also quite a lot of the world has seen. So, at least, more than similar animals in their entire lives. Sören was already in Aachen, Germany, in Berlin and in Munich. In recent times, but Soren makes a little bit of the head. He is, in fact, been to long on the road. The other day had given to him a lady, a promise of a trip, but this trip was cancelled unfortunately.

Sören möchte einen Ausflug machenTherefore my call: Who has the time and desire to show Sören once his job? Certainly, a little fabric sheep a bit of work, but too strenuous it is not. In addition, a visit from Sören always attracts lots of positive comments. So, Volunteers. Everything you trips to Sörens need to know in the big wide world, can be found on the overview page.

Sören and I are curious as to whether someone reports ?

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