Psychiatric care and shift work: My poor son?

I have to laugh at this Headline. Sounds exaggerated, as already anticipated: So poor my son is not. But many think of it.

This is mainly due to the following circumstances:

– I went three weeks after birth, already back to school. My son was accompanied by the start offset of a father and mother, with grandma in the Background.

– For the second birthday he has to get the layer service “paid”. Because a day later my education in nursing began.

– Separate Parents

– Even still, After graduation, I moved to the psychiatric care act in a professional quasi-cognate with psychologists and educators, are always tried as a parent to the Textbook.

You can go to the well? Yes, it can!

And how?

Mother-And-Son Conversation

My son and I to ask each other questions. He is now twelve years old and has declared that it is willing to accept a few Statements and questions on the topic of shifts, separated parents, and mom’s work in psychiatric care.

Questions of my son to me

How was it to do with a small child training, especially if you have at the same time worked?

Due to the shifts in care that it was in the beginning very strenuous. I didn’t know it until then, to work full-time. Always if the service plan was finished, I sat with Your father together, and we have planned our month. It was always about four to six weeks prior to the start of the month. Your grandma always came early in the morning shortly before the six of us, if we had to run at the same time, and the nursery was still closed.

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Why did You go into psychiatry, and not in the hospital for a physical illness?

Actually, I wanted to be a helicopter pilot, and when that didn’t work, I wanted to ride in the ambulance. So I came up with the idea to make first a training in nursing. During the training, the trainees change every couple of weeks on the various stations, and at the beginning of the third teaching year, I had my application in psychiatry. This has made me more fun than everything else in front of it. I could do it and felt comfortable. At the end of the training, I was then on a second psych ward and was then still safe, that is the area in which I would like to work.

Was it more strenuous by the fact that you are since You work separately?

Luckily, not. But it is also to Your father, because he has been always been very much to You and the wanted. And I wanted it that way. A lot of people are talking about nowadays, both parents should be compensated for care of the children, but very few make it. For the time of my training, we used to as a WG. Since You herpendelst between us – and, we need to discuss, the three of us better. It comes from time to time to disputes and discussions, but there have also been, as we were still together.

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Questions to my son*

What do You think of my profession in nursing? What do You think is good and what is not?

I find psychiatry to be boring, because you’re doing nothing Special, and every day almost the Same power. I don’t think it’s so good when You have many of the same services in a row. But it doesn’t matter if I have to sleep alone at home.

How do You imagine the work in psychiatric nursing?

I imagine the psychiatry so that there is the mentally disturbed people are, and it turns them to do something wrong.

Do You find it more strenuous by the fact that Your father and I are separated?

No. Mainly because I don’t remember the time, when you were still together, so good and not know how it was with Your work.

* I’ve edited the answers of my son aware of it, because this is also part of me: His opinion. He must not want to do what I do. But it shall go well with what I’m doing.

A Long-Term Study…

I can’t deliver. I would like to know what traces are left on each of these factors for my son. But that is finally figuring out never possible. Important is the exchange – not only between mother and father, but also between parents and child. So I have, for example, my son so far, it’s always a process. When he was old enough, I let him choose: “You Want grandma to sleep or home alone, if I go to the night service going?” We are a well-established Team: child, parents, grandparents. Maybe I brought exactly from the care with in our everyday life: work in a Team.

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Photo: Katharina Voss