PRICSCUS LIST: medications for Nausea and constipation

PRICSCUS LIST: medications for Nausea and constipation

Nausea and constipation

Constipation is one of the most common complaints in industrialized countries and is one of the diseases of civilization bad. In Germany alone, 15 million adults suffering from constipation., where women are twice as frequently affected as men.

If nothing goes, even though it is urgently

It is assumed that the number of unreported cases is higher, as many Affected patients seek a doctor and try to get the Problem. Nevertheless, the Figures speak for themselves: the Elderly and the Sick are particularly affected, the 75% of older people are cared for, regularly take laxatives. However, the prescribed drugs are not provided as a continuous treatment. But what must be, because an unhealthy colon does things to you.

Head and abdomen: Closely linked

Both are in close contact with each other, is not new. Everyone knows his gut feeling, or when grief destroys the appetite or Hunger is the mood in the basement buzzing. The same happens when you have to deal with constipation.

How quickly you will feel well again, often depends on the intestinal flora and the communication with the rest of the body. Responsible for, among other things, the vagus nerve, which works like a direct line from the belly to the brain. Obviously microbes use this line in the top of Notification center. However, the communication between the gut and the brain is not alone important for our well-being. In the intestine, the immune system is at home. More than 70 percent of the body’s own antibody production facilities are sitting there and up to 1000 different species of bacteria, approximately 100 trillion, to ensure that everything works in the body smooth. Two medications to support this process, but when taking with the other not harmless.

What is the effect of the drugs against Nausea, and constipation

At Nausea, these being the messengers neutralize, cause otherwise the Nausea. Laxatives, which create constipation, with substances such as Osmolaxanzien water soluble and lead to water retention in the intestine, which increases the stool volume. Through this stretch stimulus, it comes to emptying. Through the consumed water the stool will be softer and can be more easily dissipated.

Add to this the preparations, the transport of the bowel movement, as the water is kept in the intestines.

The third type of medication helps the body excretes active water into the intestine. These are supplemented medicines by mechanical means, which are introduced directly into the intestine and the intestinal walls slippery. The chair can be made better and without pain can be emptied.

Which medications must be observed

As other drugs also drugs anti-Nausea effect on the nervous system. The nerve cells respond in the case of the elderly with increasing age, more and more sensitive. Accordingly, drugs against Nausea not only against the actual Problem, but also lead to other physical impairments and can lead to, such as, for example, in the case of dimenhydrinate to confusion and dry mouth. Thick liquid Paraffin, however, may call even a certain Form of pneumonia that can be life for seniors dangerous. Constipation is not only a superficial bowel problem, but at the age and if the patient is sick a far greater impact.

What are the Alternatives?

In addition to drugs, there are also remedial in nature. Agents for constipation, such as linseed or castor oil, in addition to the original chemical substances no negative side effects on the body, and nerve cells. Homeopathic aid for Nausea also mistletoe injections, or a variety of teas to ginger basis are in addition to Payagastron. Important in the case of two complaints is that enough water or tea is drunk and the liquid supply is ensured sufficiently. In the case of 1:1 nursing services, such as HUMANIS, this is guaranteed in any case, since the Pflegstandard is very high. You want to know more about the Priscus-list, read our Blog or have a look also here:


Active ingredient When used Side effects Alternative Active Ingredients
Dimenhydrinate Nausea and vomiting. For the prevention of motion sickness (often referred to as chewing gum) Dimenhydrinate blocks the neurotransmitter histamine. Möglichhe effects of many antihistamines dry mouth, constipation, confusion, fatigue. Domperidone



Thick Liquid Paraffin Constipation Thick liquid Paraffin can cause infectious pneumonia. Older people are also at risk particularly because they swallow more frequently and thus, a foreign body or medication to enter the lungs. Osmotically effective Laxatives, for example, polyethylene glycol (Macrogol), or Lactulose


by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General