perspectives in the nursing profession

Perspektiven durch PflegeberufeThe Federal Statistical office has published in 2011 a report on population development, indicating that in the year 2030, expected to be 17 percent fewer children and young people, but 33 per cent more over 65-Year-old life. The German population is getting older, there’s fewer and fewer children and the people on the other, to an even greater age. From these demographic changes, it can be deduced that it is also social and structural changes, some of which already are visible: One aspect is the high demand of care staff in nursing homes, hospitals and home care. In these areas, numerous training, retraining and further training will be offered to provide interested applicants an attractive professional environment. Also I have reported here in the Blog several times already.

Care industry defies economic crisis

While in the mechanical engineering or the electrical industry, short-time working and threatened removal, can be seen in the care industry, an increase in the labour force. In fact, the institutions have to fight even with a shortage of skilled workers. Even if there are many in this area, it is important for yourself to find out whether the profession is the right thing to do. Some of the key skills you should bring:

  • a great medical expertise
  • a willingness to shift and holiday work
  • physical capacity
  • A sense of responsibility and Motivation
  • a high level of patience
  • Empathy.

Above all, the personal characteristics should be present from the beginning, because after all, you are working with people who have mostly physical problems and, possibly, also due to illness and bring spiritual weaknesses, such as forgetfulness.

How to become a nurse?

You decide to nurse, geriatric nurse, occupational therapist , or medical assistant to be, you can after completing school a multi-year training, for example, in a hospital or an old people’s home to complete and then apply. A large variety of jobs in the nursing area, you will find it here quickly and easily online at Experteer. Also anyone who would like to retrain after his initial training or the desire to, in the care sector training, has a good chance to get a training offer, as currently, many Vacancies cannot be filled for lack of qualified personnel.

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