nursing staff from Asia – are now solved care problems in Germany?

Pflegekräfte aus Asien – werden jetzt Pflegeprobleme in Deutschland gelöst?Germany, the nurses. While the population is ageing and the demand for care is increasing, the Numbers of trainees and professionals. Currently, approximately 18,000 nurses are missing in Germany. About 10,000 Vacancies, it is currently in the care of the elderly and 8,000 Vacancies to occupy nursing.

Workaround is now to create a project in Asia. In the Chinese province of Shandong are currently 150 nurses will be trained and on their use in Germany prepared. Right: While in the EU advertising with retraining and additional training for the young unemployed is to be made the Headquarters for Auslands – und fachvermittlung (ZAV) of the Federal employment Agency is currently in China and the Philippines on the search for a suitable nursing staff. However, this can solve our Problem in the long term?

Why are nurses looking for in Asia?

In Asia at the moment is that, contrary to the Situation in Germany and in the Rest of Europe, a skilled labour surplus. In addition to that currently nobody wants to take a Nursing job to the given requirements and conditions. While in many EU countries, prevails an unemployment rate of 50 percent among the young population reject it anyway, here in Germany, a nursing profession. Reason: The pay is not too bad.

In the past year, could be taught according to the ZAV, just 56 of the workers from the other European countries in caring professions to Germany. In addition to the low pay, the high bureaucratic effort, come up as arguments against the employment in the German nursing care facilities, barriers and the different regulations of the individual länder are added to the language. Of course, nurses from Asia are affected by these discrepancies.

Pflegekräfte aus Asien – werden jetzt Pflegeprobleme in Deutschland gelöst?The suggestions from politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, young people in Europe must remain ready for more languages to learn, and to leave their home regions, unheard of. Also the EU summit’s financial support in the Form of retraining and additional training do not cause Changes. Instead, the work try-seekers continue to find in their own countries sufficient financial Livelihood.

Training Asian nurses

Care workers in Asia are highly educated, enjoy worldwide acceptance and are therefore attractive for the German market. The pilot project of the ZAV is preparing 150 Chinese nurses eight months in the province of Shandong to its use in Germany. Among the preparations, especially of linguistic and cultural language lessons. In Germany, the experts are working to the same conditions as German nursing staff. Also with the Philippines has already reached an agreement about the Recruiting of nurses.

What problems can occur?

Biggest hurdle to overcome linguistic and cultural differences are sure. While qualified personnel from the countries in the EU have mainly to contend with the language barrier, the mentality in Europe but in Asia. Difficult it can be, especially in dealing with demented patients, is here, but communication is a very important factor.

You can now fix so the Recruitment of Asian nurses, the Problem of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany? Should be thinking about – and in the next step, the Problem to be fixed – why nobody wants to perform in Germany this profession? Finally, it can’t be that Germany is a Paradise for low wages.

Image: Marvin Siefke / + fotolia/© Robert Kneschke