Nursing freshman’s: after a week…

And lo and behold, the first week the emergency has passed ! 5 days 12: 00 on the 7 of the week… A problem ?

So this is first week of Nursing freshman’s?

Intense. Dive in the care, remember the protocols, re-calculations of doses, dive back into the drug and I could go on… The first few days, yes I had sore feet. It is true that before I was rather stashed behind a desk. The fatigue in the evening resurfaced, I had forgotten what it was like to put to bed and to sleep immediately… good fatigue !

After having made the acquaintance of new colleagues, it is certainly the organisation of the service that is the poisoned gift. After all, juggling between the different areas of the service, with the schedules of each of the internal, of the influx of patients, one may have a headache at the end of the day. Funny print of iron of a FF frame to that of a nurse with no more “power” hierarchy, and I’m even surprised that the first two days to remind me of my studies in nursing and all those nursing research paper. I had the impression, once again, a student who explains everything, in which we learn… Amusing and disturbing. And yes, I was asked 3 times the question if I was a student, and 2 times if I was a new grad. Believe that we are more accustomed mutations and that nursing remains her whole life in the same place.

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But good god, be closer to a patient, re-care while sharing in his suffering that he entrusts to you, to work with adrenaline to allow you to go faster, that is what I had missed…

I do not regret having changed your hospital, service, co-workers… I do not regret to be divided in the care, I do not regret to be again in contact with them…

However, I did already most of the blouses.