nurses have touched 1% more by 2016

While the function of registered nurse of State (IDE) is less attractive, evidenced by the decrease in the number of candidates for the degree, the salary would be slightly higher in 2016 compared to 2015.

Even slight disparities

While the average salary of a registered nurse of State (IDE) was 2198€ in 2015, it is increased to 2219€ gross. It is this that relates the barometer Call Medical salaries health announced on 20 April 2017. An increase that is widespread, although you can still see disparities following the mid-year. Thus, it will be found in the public service and the average salary is 2152€, while in the private sector, the same employees affect 2215€, still less than in the voluntary sector where the average income is 2294 euros gross.

It should be noted that this average compares several types of nurses and, without any surprise, we found the nurse anesthesia graduates of State (IDEA) again at the head of the best paid. Thus, in 2016, they have experienced an increase of 2.4% of their wage, while that of the nurses of operating room graduates of State (IBODE) has declined 1.4%.

The IDEA, therefore, have won not less than 3703€ in the public sector each month in 2016, 3998€ in the private sector and 4070 euros gross in the third sector. The IBODE them, 3068€ in the public, 3264€ in the private and 3360€ in the community. While they had hoped, the upgrading of skills of IBODE through the attribution of acts exclusive to the profession, has not had a positive impact on wages, quite the contrary.

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A profession less and less attractive

While every year we can see many events where the nursing staff is full of the working conditions and wages, it hardly appears surprising today to see a decline in the attractiveness of this profession. The increase in wages will play a role able to reverse the trends ?

Thus, the attractiveness of the nursing profession would be so down, it is in any case what announces Call Medical. Actually, according to the institutes of nursing training (IFSI), the number of candidates to contest nurses would be in decline during the year 2016 compared to the previous one. This is probably due to the lack of recognition of the Authorities for this profession and no doubt to the fact that the many extra hours are not paid at the time they are made. Even if they are converted at the time of retirement, it remains difficult throughout the activity.