Now 400 locations of 24 hour care agencies in Germany, for comparison and Test listed

Our care Portal continues to grow

Since this week we have another milestone reached and now list over 400 locations of 24-hour care placement agencies from all over Germany in our provider database.

We started in December 2014 with approximately 280 self-researched entries, which was gradually expanded to include other agencies. Either by care agencies themselves, through our Team, and especially by our care portal visitors, and the search for relatives. Of course the a or other intermediary has not been dealt with, there is the company or a change of name has taken place.

Thus, we come under the stroke of our goal of a comprehensive and always up to date provider database for. This makes us very happy and we would like to thank our visitors and Agency partners hereby cordially.

What has happened to our website?

A whole lot of. We have expanded our guide and search are members of successively more independent information, for example, to the special conditions in the case of care workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Romania.

Our Portal and specifically the database work much faster. Additional filter criteria to provide more opportunities for an expanded search for a provider of 24-hour care. In addition to the regional search in the länder, such as Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg or Rhineland-Palatinate is also the possibility to search directly in cities such as Hamburg, Cologne or Stuttgart.

How can I find a suitable recruitment Agency of Eastern European care workers?

You can generally use our check list for 24-hour care – free, of course. This is, if you have already chosen specifically for an Agency or a few agencies, a first non-binding offer have requested.

In our database you can find now more than 400 recruitment agencies in the comparison and Test of numerous reviews and articles, including. This we verify in each case, in order to be as safe as possible, we publish only genuine reviews. Here we also have current reviews are read. We find this particularly important, because there are some Tests, but a little bit in the past (for example, exist. the much acclaimed Test of the Stiftung Warentest in 2009).

Look at many English-speaking intermediary in Detail, including Linara, SunaCare, Brinkmann care placement, Agency care home, Deutsche Seniorenbetreuung, actio Vita, care of the heart (Saarland), Somedi, Vilena, and Idulo.

Assess documents by the agencies according to criteria such as the contract, accessibility, technical competence, cost, experience, etc. Request, if necessary, also references as well as testimonies of the ‘Round-the-clock’supervisor. We are happy to advise you by phone at any time, without obligation, a suitable 24-hour care.

And in the future? Now we are on further improvements and look forward, of course, to even more entries in our database ? Not least by the rise in the Franchise’s 24-hour care will probably be more to come, some of the locations. And very important: for suggestions, we are always extremely grateful and look forward to your message or comment!