multi-generation house – an Alternative to a nursing home?

Mehrgenerationenhaus – Alternative zum Pflegeheim?There was a time when multi-generation houses were, of course, that there was no separate word for it – old and young, people lived together under one roof, shared the cost, and supported each other. The parents went about their work, the grandmother looked after the children and who wanted to needed advice or a story to hear, and ran to grandpa.

This model included, but often also potential for conflict and the Exodus from the countryside to the cities also required new housing models. Many of the families moved back in small flats, to large family groups in a shared house was not an option. Meanwhile, this life is but the model is obsolete, because Young and Old have understood that they need each other. However, the extended family model was modified – the multi-generation house was built.

Modern multi-generation houses are based on elective affinities. Similar as in the case of students with a small purse, which share a common housing, together today for the creation of multi-generation houses people of all ages who no longer want to live alone in her single apartment or in a seniors home. Multi-generation houses are a very vibrant form of living for people who want to combat loneliness in our society active. Here, children, families, Single parents, seniors and young people come together in the training and lead the life of a living “family” – the subtle difference is that in the case of a multi-generation house is the fact that you can’t choose his family, his roommate already! Because of living in a large family that can imagine, according to Immowelt just a few.

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Mehrgenerationenhaus – Alternative zum Pflegeheim?Mutual tolerance, curiosity to each other, and active support in the community identify these modern residential communities, where many people hold on to, security and social contacts experience. There are multi-generation houses were founded as a counter-concept to retirement homes, or mother-and-child homes, public carriers, but there are also more and more multi-generation residential communities, caused by private initiatives. Because one thing is for sure: no one would seed Association, when Young and Old come together, the result is always a vibrant community in which all can learn from each other.

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