mobility support in Go-restrictions

The society is on average getting older and older, as one hears again and again in different Places. Fortunately, however, science is also becoming more and more specialised and attained proficiency in more and more areas, which also promotes new means of support for restrictions of the musculoskeletal system.

Accessibility thanks to modern techniques

Of course, the increasing specialization in the Sciences is a two-edged sword, because it is always a question of how this is operated, and which interests are behind her. Surely you should be especially in the sense of Humboldt’s, for the sake of science exercised, which excludes as it is to operate in a socially responsible way. It becomes problematic, however, precisely when the ideological or financial interests behind it. However, some products tend to be no matter where they come from, as long as they are useful.

And financial interest or not – efficient walkers remain efficient walkers. However, direct mobility AIDS and means of transport are not the only types of resources of the machine to cope with everyday life means that the movement of someone, restricted, life is sometimes a lot easier. Because sometimes, there are also barriers, which are, for example, for wheelchair users, obstacles, which appears to defeat is hardly possible. A blessing it is, for example, that it is on most stations now lifts out there that make it unnecessary to ensure that someone is available who can carry the device. And on top of that, this approach is also considerably more dangerous. Accessibility is the word that is currently all the rage.

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To the barricades against the barriers

In the 1990s an awareness of the needs of the physically handicapped and the problems of the Concerned parties in the public and private space has developed increasingly. Since then a little has changed, often for a not Affected in a hardly noticeable way, even the image of the city: the buildings are increasingly being built for the disabled, i.e.,: wheelchair accessible, or accessible, for full accessibility is probably a hard-to-be realized dream. But what you can do now, is necessarily more than nothing, and the participation strengthens opportunities for those who are limited in their freedom of movement physically.

To install lifts for example the stairs, you can do with this formerly indomitable stairs to an easily surmountable obstacle, this is hardly so. A democratic society can be called only then actually democratic if the citizens have the same participation rights, which may apply not only to the abstract legal level, but also for the actual, physical part of the everyday life of the society.