Iyengar yoga : another very interesting discipline

Just like the other types, Iyengar yoga is based on meditation, concentration and various postures. However, it is characterised by postures of more extensive and more specific things which are called “asanas” combined with breathing, special yoga called ” pranayama “. The practice derives its name from Master BKS Iyengar and brings many virtues for the body and the mind. Another feature of this branch is the use of props to allow the body to find the correct postures and maintain them easily. It is for this reason that Iyengar yoga is suitable for all ages and all levels.

A different approach to yoga

The operation of the Iyengar yoga is based on studies and summaries produced by master BKS. He was able to establish an increasing order of difficulty for different postures to get the maximum benefits. It is for this reason that it is necessary to enroll in a yoga class or having an experienced coach for the practice. In addition, finding a yoga center in lyon 3, or elsewhere, do this no worries. The fastest way is to integrate in groups, clubs or communities. To take advantage of all of the beneficial effects of this discipline, it is necessary to have a job time serious. This is even one of the goals of yoga Iyengar : have the ability to cope with the routine as it is at the level of physical, mental, or emotional. The materials used during the sessions (bricks, rope, chair, or other) help to find easily the stability and perfect alignment of the body. The principle is simple : it allows you to promote the reflection, improving the mobility, of channelling energy through the body and revitalise it.

Le yoga Iyengar : une autre discipline très intéressante

Benefits immediate and long-term

Also known as a modernization of hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga is very virtuous for the health. The first category of benefits is the improvement of brain functions, and the decrease in the level of stress. For the physical, the different postures improve flexibility, struggling against the pain in the back and promote good sleep. They are part of the virtues of immediate felt after the session. After weeks or months of practice, Iyengar yoga lowers blood pressure, improves breathing, promotes libido, eliminating chronic pain of the neck, alleviates sore back, reduced the rate of sugar and to restore the natural balance of the body with the mind. It is for this reason that this discipline is recommended even for seniors. Over the years, if the courses continue, practitioners will have stronger bones, a healthy weight and lower risk of heart problem or memory. Whatever it is, it is necessary to complement a healthy lifestyle.