It’s back !

Today, for manynursing students, it’s back in the IFSI ! Especially for the new kids who come into the 1st year (the dates of back to school being different, I’m not going to make an article every day ;p). I would like to tell them that it is not necessary for you to consider your status as astudent such as caf or even the one you just left, a high-school student. You enter especially in a professional training during 3 years in which you will take care of human being. Then, do not the cons in the back of the class… ? In any case, good luck to all, and for some, we will see you on your internship !

Back to school : Tell me about

Message to new students : Prepare yourself. Prepare to 3 years where your life will be put aside, where you are going to work hard on your course and all your partials review will be your credo. In the internship, you will have a lot to do, 10 weeks on a traineeship place ? Keep smiling and you put the health care team in the pocket. You are going to be stressed, to cry, to take of the pounds, put you in the fag… Good, this will not be for everyone, you don’t have to worry but you’re going to necessarily put you in one of the situations that I put out (and there are others !). But studies the nurses will also help you to discover new things, to human encounters, you make new friends (for life !), learn, share, help… You are going to love your job, if not made the choice to leave. Many do, this is not a shame, it was right to finally see that this is not done for us. It’s already brave to have tried. And you, how have you lived your re-entry ?

In view of a new project on IDZ, we are looking for nursing students wanting to share their first experience of students, tell them the return they come to live, in pictures or in one or two sentences, one anecdote, funny or serious on your back, do not hesitate to contact me or respond to this article in the comments. Tell us what you want on your back. ?

Nursing students, nursing students, drop you on your reentry !