Is Villanova a good place to live?

Is Villanova a good place to live?

The community is one of the most affluent in the United States and certainly one of the most expensive places to live. The cost of living index in Villanova is about 203 which makes it more than twice as expensive as the national average. The biggest factor that affects the Villanova cost of living is housing prices.

Where should I live near Villanova?

Some of the towns along the Main Line, include, Merion Station, Narberth, Wynnewood, Ardmore, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, Villanova, Wayne, and Devon. Any of these towns would be no more than a 15-20 minute drive from Villanova’s campus.

How many people live in Villanova?


What city and state is Villanova in?


Does Villanova have a town?

Villanova is a suburb of Philadelphia. It straddles Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County and Radnor Township in Delaware County….

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Villanova, Pennsylvania
ZIP code 19085
Area code(s) 610 and 484

Do you have to be Catholic to go to Villanova?

Not Catholic? Not a Problem! Villanova is a Catholic university but welcomes students of all spiritual and ethical backgrounds.

What is the average SAT score for Villanova?


Can non-Catholics go to Catholic college?

While it’s true that Catholic schools have a fair amount of religion-based instruction, most academic subject classes do not, and this makes up the majority of the school day for most Catholic schools. Many Catholic schools happily open up their doors to non-Catholics.

Does Boston College like Catholics?

BC has a large non Catholic and international cohort as well. No forced religion classes or “masses”. It’s a Jesuit university and the Catholic component that features service to others and common decency and love should be attractive to all denominations.