Is Stark State College good?

Is Stark State College good?

After much research, I found Stark State provided the best education in this field, as well as the most affordable. I came here because I wanted to learn from the best in my field, and I haven’t been disappointed. My goal was to get through school as debt-free as possible. At Stark State, I’ve got that covered.

Can you get a bachelors at Stark State?

What areas are being considered for applied bachelor’s degree programs at Stark State? Stark State is interested in offering only applied bachelor’s degrees in career fields aligning with the region’s workforce needs. A four-year degree in OTA will provide students with an opportunity to complete the degree locally.

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Does Stark State have a radiology program?

Radiography Remediation | Stark State College – North Canton, Ohio.

Does Stark State have a mascot?

Stark State College of Technology has no official athletic program. The school’s mascot is the Spartan.

How many students are enrolled at Stark State College?

15,672 (2012)

How do I get my Stark State transcripts?

STARK STATE TRANSCRIPT REQUEST: Students may request their college transcript from their mystarkstate account under the “my stuff tab”- request transcript or by accessing the following online link.

When was stark state founded?


Does Stark State have sports?

You’ll have a chance of not only working with athletes, but also seeing the corporate and business side of the sports world. Passionate people can find great opportunities in the intercollegiate or professional sports industries.

What classes does Stark State offer?

Spend less. Earn more. Go further.

  • Civil Engineering Technology – architectural major.
  • Civil engineering technology – construction management major.
  • Mechanical engineering technology.
  • Electrical/electronic engineering technology – electro-mechanical major.
  • Mechanical engineering technology.

What county is Stark State in?

Stark State College (Stark State) is a public college in Stark County, Ohio. The college offers 230 majors, options, one-year certificates, and career enhancement certificates.

How do I log into Stark State?

You may use any Gmail sign-in page with your complete email address ([email protected]) or go to: Sign in using your [email protected] and your default password. Click on the Student Help category and view the Student Accounts section.

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Does Stark State offer night classes?

Taught by college faculty. May attend class at the main campus or any satellite location. If necessary, the student may take evening, weekend, or online classes.

What is my Stark State password?

Your default password is your first, middle, last initial, period, and the first six digits of your social security number.

How do I drop a class at Stark State?

After the first seven calendar days, students must obtain instructor’s, advisor’s or department chair’s signature and submit the registration add, drop or withdrawal form to the financial aid/registration office to process the withdrawal. W’s will appear on the transcript.

How do I get my transcripts from Kent State University?

Current and recently enrolled students log in to FlashLine and click on Request Official Transcript in the Student Category / Resources Page / Grades and Transcripts Section. On the Official Transcript Menu, click on ‘eTranscript. ‘

Does Kent Stark have dorms?

No dorms, no problem What makes Kent State at Stark’s program unique is that it is a commuter campus — with no residence dorms.

How much is a credit hour at Stark State?

Tuition and fees

Credit hours In-state total
1 $179.60
2 $359.20
3 $538.80
4 $718.40