Interventions for Sunday

Interventions du dimanche

Sometimes, I am a firefighter. Sometimes I have stories to tell you. Story of my last guard…

The interventions of the Sunday, you love them.

This Sunday, I made a guard 24 hours at the fire department. And I have to say that the interventions that I have been able to make are puzzling to me on several points… so Here are a few anecdotes of this beautiful day…

First departure to a retirement home for a pleural effusion. Hey, who made this diagnosis ? He arrived on the scene, a person to open up. It sounds, still. A soft voice was heard : “what is it ? “. It is the fire department ! “For what ? “Probably to sell calendars ? Necessarily, the transmissions have the air pass once again between them. Necessarily, the door does not open and a nurse will be obliged to come to us and open it directly and without hurry. Should not be that it falls in ACR the little lady eh, there is no hurry we.

Arrived in the room, we see that it has been put under O2, sat back hard, drawing and company. Okay, we were not necessarily called for nothing. In fact, mrs. nurse, what makes you think that it is a pleural effusion just the light ? I’m potentially interested. “She has done the same thing in August, so it starts all over again. “Of course ! In short. We start our day quietly…

Second start for, according to the pattern on the ticket, serious bleeding and the concept of departure of a member during a football game. Nice ! A little more action and work. Arrived on the scene, the gentleman was waiting for us at the entrance with a dressing on the finger. First book, he fell during the match and heard a “crac!” and then bled. By the way, the bandage was well done, frankly. But we had to undo it to see what was underneath and there… then we could expect an open fracture, you will discover a wound sutural and own of 2 cm. We redid the bandage and took him out. And THE question of the day falling already in our head, in the light of the intervention : “And no car or anyone to take you ? “.

Third departure for a diabetic who has a dextro… 2.3 g. ok, ok, let’s go… On the spot, a man of 30 years old, rather pale, certainly, that has been a discomfort. Yet ate well itout itout. He re-dextro in front of me which is mounted to 3.5 g. metformin, it does not take them regularly according to his wife, followed for his diabetes in Portugal but not here, not book follow-up not more, in short, we’ll know no more. And if not all of the family there : “no one has the car or to take it ? “.

Return to barracks to eat. Starting right after, no time to have a little rest on Sunday. Direction of a person with a flash in the eye ! I love these reasons of departure. Once you have arrived, sir was waiting for us on her doorstep, dressed and ready to go. Wait sir, we will go back and look at it before you leave the hospital, it is not a taxi. He explains to have had the same thing this summer, and the scan had revealed a STROKE. Without result brought… So saw it to start again, he prefers to go to the emergency room. Note that it had a good tension, no aphasia, no sign of STROKE visible, good symmetry of the members, etc… it’s Like, I take as long as madam is there : “you have a car ? Person to take it ? “.

Another departure that will follow, for a person’s heart with strong pains in the legs. Little phrase complementary : Starting SP due to lack of private ambulance. Owl, of transport ! In short, mr. was indeed a sensitive area and pain in the legs, he had what he needed medication and had an echo-doppler the next day, but a small turn to the emergency room on Sunday was according to him necessary. After me, I must confess that I do not take risk with people with heart conditions so we are going to avoid the question ! “No one has the car otherwise ? “.

On the way home, on the way we heard that the van and the EPA were output to a fire in the kitchen, it was not very far away from where we stood. Why not take a tour ? Not good going one returns to rest in the barracks. Too late, it is directed precisely to them for an intoxicated person ! If this is not a sign.

Well I’m not going back no more in all the details, but for a majority, I found this a bit abused to come to saturate the emergency room with cases that are not vital. Like what, create a unit for this kind of patient might be best suited. And called the fire department then we can even go to the emergency room or be taken by his partner or a friend (if you do not want to call the doctor), I also find it exaggerated. I opened several times including the skull, I did not call the fire department, I am rendering myself to the emergency room. My son had a big outbreak with fever, I took him to the emergency room. In short, the fire fighters are not private ambulances. They are there to help the population of course, we bring our support and we will always come. But sometimes it is necessary to know how to tell if it is an absolute emergency or an emergency related…

The last intervention, that of 6 o’clock in the morning for a young girl who has absorbed a lot of drugs could come into account. Once arrived, she was on the couch awake, stating, however having taken a thirty tablet Tercian. Not the first time apparently, the parents worry, rightly, this is normal. Time, midnight. We were called because she was struggling to be awake. Good at the same time, a teenager at 5 in the morning was always difficult to wake up ? We are going to take our truck and we will take it ourselves.

NB : No, I did not say directly to the people if they had a car or someone to accompany them, this is just the kind of thing we said to each debriefing-feedback interventions. As what you can say often… And if you’ve seen annoyance or a bit of nervousness in this article, it is totally involuntary on my part. A juror.