Insult free ?

Yesterday evening, I have been insulted. It has been used in this work to force… Sad to say no ? This is so yesterday during my tour tonight with the premium several other worries, including a more serious.

Insult, ” normal “

During my tour in the evening, 18h, I pass from room to room, for some drugs, inject anti-coagulants and see if all goes well. I have a patient vomits everywhere, but the orderlies are going to glass the take charge and take care of him, thank you girls ! Because next I manages mostly an end-of-life with one of my patients who, unfortunately, will leave us in the hour which will follow. The family is present, therefore, the girl remaining at her bedside. It is often hard to experience this kind of thing, even for us, and even if we interact often, death in service, each case is different and we can not remain insensitive even if one is accustomed to.

But I hadn’t talked to insults ? If. This will come out of the room after that. The son of the patient arrived for 48 HOURS in the service and we spoke a lot in the transmission (if you see what I mean… also note that on this day, guy is back in the position of care without knocking on the door while it was in the middle of transmission and remained there to ask various questions… Sacred forelock. Since then, I have plastered a big show of defence on the door ^^) and so this gentleman starts to cry when arriving in the room of his mother. Reason ? His mom had just been installed in the bed.

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To quickly locate you one thing : mom has no support allowed on a leg and cannot move, she is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease at an advanced stage of disease that her son has the air of finding it hard to accept. The little lady often wants to stand and a risk, therefore, often a fall.

Shouting, therefore, out of his room, he sees me in the hallway and demand accounts : “Why did my mother lie to the diner at 18H, this is not normal, it is where here, she can eat normally ! “In the background, I endorse a little of what he said. Why bed a patient so early ? It is true that we can still leave the chair, he was right. But unfortunately, it is not a unit of Alzheimer’s and we would never have had to receive her mother because one is not suitable for. She was lying because madame did not stop to get up out of his chair and as the night care assistant could stay close to her the whole evening, it was also his turn to do so. Then of course, it is in a case of ease and that one does not necessarily know his habits to her (and to him). You could even arrange with him to install otherwise his mother in the evening and that it remains close to it . But knowing that he had already walked his mother several times when she has no authorized support, you doubt a little bit of it. But we would have still found a way to arrange all of the world.

Except that here, the problem is mainly that the son rise the tone and shouts a little too loud. So I asked him 5 times to speak more low, and especially not to talk to me as well. No, but it’s true, it is not the orders of all the world. It’s annoying to be told how to do our job, I’m not going to your place of work to tell you how to do me, though ? It does not calm, treat the nurses to incompetent, etc I explained to him why this evening she is in bed, he critiquera so the fact that there is so little personal… That I can anything and it will change by sir. Not including always not, I will also be released : “you, you have done the training on stress “. Yes, it irritates that I remain so calm in front of him. However, I am a bit amazed about the fact that he knows our training… Continuing his language so special, I will finally be entitled to a nice ” con “, but a ” big con “. The class, he also knows who I am.

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But my problem is not insult or other, I contrefous. Even if I remind him that I’m not necessarily there to make me insult. But my problem is the next room I remember is a lady dying, and whose daughter wants to have peace. It is especially this point that is going to annoy me. So I told him my way of thinking (without the insult or the tu as it does) by reminding them that it is in a hospital, if he wanted explanations, we could do that, but in a calm way, and that I am obligated to tell that a lady is dying in the next room and that by this fact it should frankly shut up. I thought I’d make him a small shock this last phrase, it is nothing, it will not turn back.

Instead of back in his game, to get angry unnecessarily and to see me punish them (because, yes, it is often the patient and family who have reason and it is up to us that we say things, it is boring…) I prefer to contact the administrator on call, which will be the director of the hospital, and a doctor to intervene. During my telephone interview, the daughter of the patient in the next room will see to ask him to calm down but her face and her tears, he did not listen… the director and The doctor will be an hour to explain. Of course, the son was surprised to see them disembark and remained really calm by saying, of course, that he was not upset and nor insulted the nursing staff. What courage !

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It may be explained that it must behave as a son, that the decisions are taken by the team of health professionals, they tried to make him understand the behavior of his mother because of his illness but I think he is still in denial and deal with it and wants his mother becomes autonomous as it was before….

In the story, so I was especially pissed off and thought about it non-stop to the next room… I do not understand some people, frankly. Thanks anyway to the director of the hospital for his intervention, and what she said to him, I admire his words.