insights into the care of Spanish nurses in Germany

Einblicke in die Pflege: spanische Pflegekräfte in Deutschland

Tense Situation for the nurses

The Situation is tense known to be in Germany in relation to nursing staff in the outpatient and inpatient area. For several reasons, the Junior has been stagnating for years, the German nurses who opt for this profession.

This is one of the main reasons why also in this area of nursing homes, hospitals and mobile care services on foreign nursing staff. The a decide for Eastern Europe, the other for South-Western Europe with Spain.

Spanish nurses are in particularly high demand

Spanish nurses are in demand here in Germany even more, because they can demonstrate a first class knowledge. You will complete your multi-year training with the aim to get a in Spain with a job as a nurse in a hospital. Only when the not is over a longer period of time is possible, and all efforts remain unsuccessful, the decision to work abroad, for example in Germany.

Encouraged and supported among others by the European Union. It provides EU-programmes, with the aim of an international work placement. Be addressed in Spain, specifically the unemployed nurses for German care services and recruited.

How is the employment?

Einblicke in die Pflege: spanische Pflegekräfte in DeutschlandHowever, as the job is the same and what you have to watch out for? Your stay begins after signing the multi-year employment contract with a language course. The course is from the EU programme of European funded social Fund. For the mandatory participation in, the guest will be provided to workers by the service.

Then, of course, should be an intensive Phase of training, so that the Spanish employees optimally and well in the everyday work can start.

Despite the high work load by the daily number of hours or work times, on weekends and on Sundays and holidays the German labour market provides the nursing staff with good professional and excellent opportunities for advancement. Especially in comparison to the labour market situation in Spain. In the medium and in the long term, all Stakeholders benefit from the Integration of qualified workers from Spain in the German health sector. Not least of all the Germans, the sick and people in need of care.